• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Ningi may face criminal misinformation charges over budget padding

Who is Abdul Ningi, the suspended Bauchi senator?

Jimoh Ibrahim, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Inter-Parliamentary Affairs and a member of the Senate Committee on Appropriation has vowed that Abdul Ningi , the Senator representing Bauchi Central must be prosecuted for his allegations on the 2024 budget.

The lawmaker asked the Federal Government to charge Ningi to court for criminal misinformation and conductfor alleging that the National Assembly approved two budgets.

He called on the Inspector General of Police to as a matter of urgency charge Ningi for criminal misinformation and conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

The Lawmaker, who represents Ondo South said if the Senate does not take the above actions against Ningi, within the next seven days, he will ask for an order of mandamus to compel a public officer to do so.

He said the charges must be preferred by the criminal justice department for the government and after a through investigation.

He described Ningi’s comment on the 2024 budget as very embarrassing, adding that the 10th Senate will not just fold its hands and watch.

He debunked the claims by Ningi that the Senate approved two budgets. “We never approved two budgets The Presidency of Nigeria cannot operate two budgets”, he stressed.

Ibrahim, said this while addressing Senate correspondents on Monday, shortly after Ningi’s briefing where he also denied stating that the federal government is operating two budgets.

“Senator Ningi made this false information and its unacceptable, its causing uncomfortable pains to our integrity, and integrity of our children and family as people read it all over the world.

“It is very important, as a matter of urgency for the federal government to charge Senator Ningi to court for criminal misinformation and conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

“If the Senate will not move to do that in the next seven days. I will write a letter, and I have started that to the IGP to investigate circumstances leading to approval of two appropriation and culprits to book. And if the IGP will not do it, I will ask for the order of mandamus to compel a public officer to do that”, he said.

Ibrahim faulted Ningi for taking the 2024 budget allegation to the Senate President. According to him, the rightful things was to tender apoloy to the Senate and his colleagues and not go to Senate preseidnt to complain.

He also dismissed the claim by Ningi that his interview was quoted out of context, stating that, “Hausa language is a vast and clear language.”

“Dont hide under that, the most clear language in Nigeria is Hausa”, Ibrahim tackled Ningi, while lamenting that Ningi’s action is frustrating his career.