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Nigeria’s economic situation not beyond redemption, says Rev Agbe

Nigeria’s economic situation not beyond redemption, says Rev Agbe

The General Overseer of God Is Able Evangelical Mission, Timothy Agbe, has urged Nigerians not to lose hope in the country especially with the forthcoming general election, saying Nigeria’s economic situation is not beyond redemption.

Agbe said that almost everything in Nigeria was looking like an illusion, making it seem as if the country was living in the dark.

“We are trusting God that years ahead if Nigeria will come back to God things will be easy. He said seek me and you will find Me – Nigeria has not looked unto that aspect of seeking God. The leadership appears to be like that of Pharaoh who knew not God,” Agbe said during a press conference held in the Church headquarters in Lagos.

He said that things would be good again for Nigeria, provided the citizens would turn back to God.

“What sustained Nigeria till today is the presence of the children of God that cry unto Him – otherwise Nigeria could have been a disaster and in disarray,” Agbe said.

Speaking about the Church’s annual conference starting on 31 October, which coincided with the 31st anniversary, Agbe said that God has journeyed with the Church over the years.

“Our conferences have always been the first week of November, and since October is ending on 31st; it’s better we start, to make it 31 years on 31st October to begin the conference for the year 2022,” he said.

According to him, the theme of the conference ‘Peniel’ means God will journey with the Church into the future. “I’m trusting God that everyone participating will have a lasting experience and testimony from the 2022 conference. There has never been a time that we have not had this conference since April 1991, when the ministry started with the theme, ‘Launch into the Deep,’” he said.

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On the socio-economic challenges bedeviling the country, Agbe said that Nigeria might have missed it; but if at 62 they come back to God, they will be accepted. “Nothing is ever late with God,” he said.

Busayo Adeniyi, chairman, conference planning committee, said that the 2022 conference theme, ‘Peniel’ was taken from Genesis 32:30, and that the congregation will use the opportunity for pray for the unity of the Church in Nigeria, especially ahead of the 2023 general election.

Speaking on how the church has been able to sustain the conference over the years, Adeniyi, who was represented by Taiwo Ogunniranye, a member of the conference planning committee said, “It ways been God’s provision even beyond financials,” stated Adeniyi, who was.

According to him, the weeklong event starting on Monday 31 October will end with a thanksgiving service on Sunday to Sunday 6 November, at the national headquarters in Ketu- Alapere, Lagos. He stated further that Sam Tukura, the senior pastor of Global Fire Center will be the guest minister, while Yinka Alaseyori will minister in songs.