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Nigerian peace, security summit to hold November

Nigerian peace, security summit to hold November

A five-day peace & security in Nigeria programme has been rescheduled to take place at Freedom Park in Lagos from November 7 to 11, 2022, in observance of the United Nations’ Nelson Mandela Day on July 18.

According to the African Views Organisation and Council of Traditional Leaders of Africa, the organisers of the summit, the revised programme was agreed by a majority vote of the steering committee for the event in order to ensure government participation and the inclusion of crucial stakeholders.

In a nation that many economists believe to be the camshaft of Africa’s economic growth engine, prosperity hinges on peace and security. The late Nelson Mandela frequently remarked that “the world would not acknowledge Africa” till Nigeria collectively as a nation is peaceful and prosperous.

The organisers noted further that the summit is imperative especially now because of the need to ameliorate the legitimate citizens’ concerns and demonstrate to the rest of the world that Nigerians are aware of their problems and are capable of resolving them. “We, the citizens, are taking the initiative by urging our leaders to address the people’s anxiety and guide them with candor and care”, the organisers said.

“This conference, in our opinion, is crucial for maintaining national security ahead of the much-anticipated election”.

Explaining the reason for postponing the summit from holding on United Nations’ Nelson Mandela Day on July 18, the organisers noted that it was justified and welcomed to include current, former, and prospective candidates for office in the discourse.

“Peace and Security in Nigeria, as the theme of the annual ‘Spirit of Peace & Prosperity Summit’, gives Nigerian stakeholders the chance to show that they are conscious and conscientious, as well as capable of controlling the uncertain circumstances brought on by interreligious and interethnic strife, as well as the nation’s economic and socio-political instability”.

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However, programmes for the five-day event include: Symbolic Truth & Reconciliation, which will take the invited guests to a deleterious Nigerian history; discussions on Economic Integration and Free Trade in the African World.

Others are; Organisation of “The African Royal Kingdoms” (The ARK), Harmonising Nigerian Heritage & Cultural Identities, a celebration of Nigerian cultural diversity and the launch of AV Network Nigeria.

The Peace & Security in Nigeria Summit is an initiative to advance harmony and peace in Nigeria that is nonviolent, educational, and inspiring. The initiative is run by African Views Organization and Council of Traditional Leaders of Africa (COTLA-AU Ethiopia-Addis Ababa), in collaboration with Freedom Park Lagos, and is based on the junction of economics and culture as drawn from the UN Sustainable Development Goals.