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Nigerian voters must use their PVC well, in conformity with their conscience – Rev Godfrey

Nigerian voters must use their PVC well, in conformity with their conscience – Rev Godfrey

Speaking on the essence of family values in the larger society, Emmanuel Godfrey, the host of Family Summit and senior pastor of Trinity Family Worship Centre, said that the family as the fulcrum is the centre of the society. He spoke with SEYI JOHN SALAU during the last edition of the Family Summit 2022, organised by Trinity Family Worship Centre, Ikoyi, with the theme, ‘But From The Beginning It Was Not So.’ Excerpts:

Can you tell us what influenced this ‘Family Summit’?

The ministry is directly ordered by the Holy Spirit and draws inspiration from the scripture, knowing full well that the family union is an institution ordained by God. The family is a creation of God; as such, the family is fundamentally the first social institution. The difference between canal believers and spiritual believers is that we are led by the spirit of God. Don’t forget this is Trinity Family Worship Centre.
We talk about God the father; God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. From the beginning, the bible says; “And God said let us make man in our own image”. The word man there is like a generic term depicting male and female, and the trinity are the first spiritual family. Through this ministry the families of the earth shall be blessed; the distorted family values shall be restored, and if we get it right – family wise; the society will be alright because the family is the nucleus of the society.

What is the essence of family value in the larger society?

Jesus said from the beginning it was not so. What we have today in the society – don’t forget when you aggregate all the families; the society will be made just as if you aggregate all the families in Nigeria – you have Nigeria. If we could fix the family; if we could return back to the original state of how God has ordained the family to be – the society will not have these problems.
The reason we have societal problems today is because family values have been distorted – that is why Jesus is drawing our attention back to the beginning; because from the beginning it was not so. It is high time that the world comes together and knows that the solution of societal problems lies with the family – if we can fix the family, we can fix the world.

Outside biblical solutions, what are other psychosocial solutions that can be adapted to change this trend?

Fundamentally, the family is the first social institution. In every society; if you want to bring a change socially, it must start from the family. I think we should advocate for ministry of the family – giving attention to the family. If you could solve the problem from the foundation of the family; we will be able to solve academic problems.
Can you imagine the kind of rulers we have? They are not leaders – why are our students out of school? They are making budgets and it seems nobody cares; yet ASUU is on strike. I think for us to get it right; let’s go back to the family. The government should give the desired attention to the families, and we will get it right. The change we need, if it starts from the family it will be able to permeate into the society and we will get the solutions.

According to a recent survey; four out of ten children born in Lagos have paternity issues. How can we address this as a society?

Once we have the right family values – no matter the family challenges; everybody knows that God is the one that gives children. So, what the family needs to do is to come together. Once there is unity, the family unit builds some kind of synergy that is capable of handling any challenges that the family faces; be it spiritual, financial, political, or academic. If the family unit comes together, I believe there is no challenge that the family will not be able to surmount.

Looking closely at the Christian families of today; there seems to be an increase in domestic violence and divorce among young couples. As a ministry focused on family values; how can we address this?

This holy convocation is targeted at the family. This is not a political gathering; this is not a sports gathering; this is not a religious gathering; it’s a spiritual gathering where we bring families together to address the issues affecting the families. No matter how you are anointed, if you don’t do it right; going back to the original intention as the Trinity have ordained, drawing inspiration from the beginning – the bible says: let us make man, the Holy Ghost did not disagree with Jesus the son; the son did not disagree with God the father – they came together and formed the family. The family is a creation of God – so you may be religious and not spiritual.

One of the imports of this gathering is that we are drawing the attention of the society and believers to go back to the basis. If I fear God and I know the way God has ordained the family to be; I will not beat my wife. I will not defraud my wife; I will not do things that are inimical to the interest of the family because the bible is my family manual. The rate of divorces we have today is even out-numbering marriages including Christian families. So, a Christian family may be challenged with domestic violence; but if they could go back to the basis, go back to the word of God, no matter the hi-generation (fast lane) challenges the family will remain together.

Earlier, you spoke about ASUU strike: so, as we move closer to the election, what is your advice to the electorate?

Although we are in the world, we are not of the world. But, it is incumbent on us as a responsibility to choose our leaders – as one of the elements of democracy. So, I am using this opportunity to stimulate interest from all believers in Nigeria; this is the time for us to take back our country.
Get your PVC; go and exercise your franchise.
You know the people that have been oppressing you; you know the people that have been oppressing the families in Nigeria – this is a time for us to use our vote and send them into political oblivion. This is the time for all Nigerians to mobilise and it’s not just to be rhetorical about it – it’s time for action. Nigerian electorates must use their PVC well, and it must be in conformity with your conscience and Christian values – don’t sell your votes; we are not Esau generation, we must not trade our birthright.

Christians are more in this country, and we must exercise our civic responsibilities because when the righteous are enthroned the people rejoice; when wicked men are enthroned, the people like we have been having in Nigeria – suffer. Enough is enough, God has risen, but the responsibility of us as believers we must not abdicate it. We must exercise it and vote rightly, and vote for the people that will protect the interest of our families.