• Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Nigeria absent as Kenya exempts 6 countries from $30 entry fee

In a move likely to raise eyebrows in Nigeria, Kenya has scrapped its  $30 entry fee for passport holders from South Africa and six other countries, including Ethiopia, Eritrea, Congo-Brazzaville, Comoros, Mozambique, and San Marino.

Critics argue the fee, introduced despite scrapping visa requirements, adds unnecessary cost and bureaucracy, potentially deterring travel. Nigeria, a significant source of tourists for Kenya, might witness a decline in visitor numbers if the fee remains for its citizens.

The move also highlights the complex dynamics within Africa’s tourism landscape. While Kenya seeks to attract diverse travelers, its selective fee exemption raises concerns about fairness and consistency, particularly for countries like Nigeria.

This year, Kenya launched its visa-free policy. This policy applies to all foreign visitors and replaces the previous visa system with an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system. Visa-exempt visitors must obtain an eTA to board a plane to Kenya.

This applies to 53 African countries including Nigeria.

eTA applications are required to submit biographic information and answer eligibility questions to qualify. The Kenyan government advises interested individuals to submit eTA applications at least 3 days before they intend to travel to ensure adequate time for authorization.

They advise travellers to apply as soon as they have booked their accommodations and transport tickets. Travellers can submit their applications up to 3 months before travel.