• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Meet Sofekun Oluwagbeminiyi, event manager creating sweet memories

Meet Sofekun Oluwagbeminiyi, event manager creating sweet memories

Some memories are unforgettable, remain ever vivid and heartwarming, and sometimes cover a large part of our hearts.

For Sofekun Oluwagbeminiyi, a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State, creating sweet memories for people is all that matters.

“I love event management, planning and programme not just for the money but because it’s an inborn passion for me,” she said.

“I choose event management as a business because I love creating a memorable moment for people. I discovered that event management is all about hospitality and putting smiles on people’s faces and giving memorable moments,” she noted.

As a window to express her passion, contribute to growing the country’s economy and solve unemployment challenges, the graduate of the Industrial Labour Relations ventured into the event management business.

Before registering the business, the young entrepreneur was already planning and organising events for people on a small scale.

She said as a bubbling lady, she was always keen on helping friends, and family members organise and host memorable events during their special occasions.

However, after her university education, she decided to make a career out of her hobby, converting her passion into business.

Oluwagbeminiyi said the business is not without its challenges. She cited epileptic power supply and insecurity as the major challenges confronting the business in Nigeria.

“Poor electricity supply is our most disturbing challenge, without light no business can survive. We spend over 60 percent of our income on power, which is affecting us.

“If we can have uninterrupted power supply and good roads then the business will progress,” she said.

Besides, she explained that insecurity is another major threat to the business, and called on the government to take determined steps in addressing these issues.

Nevertheless, she reiterated that Nigeria is a fertile ground for event management business, even in the face of worsening insecurity. “Nigeria is an ideal place for event management business if our government can provide us with adequate power, good roads and security,” she said.

The innovative entrepreneur revealed that organising events that leave remarkable impacts on people comes naturally to her, noting that her goal is to always put smiles and memorials on her clients’ faces.

“My vision is to create sweet memories and moments for people around me. Event management is all about memories,” she said.

She explained that her cutting-edge niche is the values her firm adds to every occasion.

“Our uniqueness is in the values we provide for every client and every event, and the special attention she pays to each of her customers’ demands and prompt delivery per time,” she noted.

“Our event hall gives a unique atmosphere, our car pack space is very big and spacious, our security personnel are always on standby, and our staff are very respectful and very neat,” she added.

The love of the business has been Oluwagbeminiyi’s driving force even in the face of many challenges confronting the industry in Nigeria.

“Timely delivery of services and meeting specifications are the fundamental business goal that stands us out among our equals,” she noted.

To the upcoming event planners and managers Sofsunshine’s founder would want them to first ensure they have passion for the business before venturing into it, because according to her, passion gives rise to actions, especially when the chips are down.

“I will advise upcoming event management entrepreneurs to have passion for the business before going into it because it can be frustrating and discouraging when the challenges come but passion for the business will help to overcome,” she stated.