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Omotayo Olaogun: Entrepreneur building a successful event planning business

Omotayo Olaogun: Entrepreneur building a successful event planning business

In the highly competitive event business in Nigeria, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. But this is certainly not the case for Omotayo Olaogun, chief executive officer of Doflan Events.

Omotayo, a visionary entrepreneur has immensely impacted the event industry with her expertise and creativity, particularly in the kiddies events niche.

After graduating with a degree in Industrial & Labour Relations, Omotayo embarked on a career path that initially led her into the banking sector.

However, her entrepreneurial instincts beckoned, and she soon found herself exploring various business ventures, from owning a store selling gift items to venturing into the telecommunications industry.

Despite the challenges she encountered, including the quest for stable employment and balancing motherhood with career aspirations, Omotayo’s passion for entrepreneurship remained steadfast.

It was during her stint in the corporate world that she discovered her love for event planning, initially assisting a friend with her event projects.

“I have always been drawn to the world of business, but it was in event planning that I found my true calling,” she recalled.

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“There’s something magical about creating memorable experiences for others, and I knew I wanted to pursue it wholeheartedly.”

In 2015, armed with determination and a newfound passion for event decoration, she honed her skills further.

She enrolled in a program to learn kiddies’ decoration and immersed herself in the craft of event styling.

She volunteered to decorate for family and friends to further deepen her expertise as she was determined to excel in her newfound career.

Since then, she has made significant strides in the event industry, particularly in the niche of kiddies events.

She has done several wedding decorations and also worked for multinational brands in the corporate world.

Through her brand, Doflan Events, she has brought joy and delight to countless families, creating enchanting experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Omotayo’s impact extends beyond just organizing events. She has become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs in the industry.

Through her dedication to her craft and willingness to share her knowledge and expertise, she has empowered others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

“As an entrepreneur, my goal is not just to succeed personally but also to uplift others along the way and create a stable employment opportunity for others,” Omotayo emphasized.

“I believe that by fostering a spirit of collaboration and mentorship, we can collectively elevate the event industry and create even more magical moments for our clients.”

Looking ahead, Omotayo remains committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the event industry.

With a keen eye for emerging trends and a passion for delivering top-notch experiences, she continues to make waves in her field.

Through her inspiring journey and remarkable achievements, she exemplifies the true power of entrepreneurship and the enduring impact it can have on people’s lives.