Mayowa Owolabi Consulting begins ‘Institutional Trading Course’ for traders, investors in financial market

The Institutional Trading Course which is a subset of Mayowa Owolabi University has begun registration of yet another set of applicants interested in trading in the Financial Market (Forex, Cryptocurrency, Stocks etc).

The ongoing online registration aims to take applicants on a professional journey of hands-on experience and astute practicality on how top financial institutions trade.

The Institutional Trading Course is virtual and is being managed by Africa’s most sought-after financial market coach, serial entrepreneur and an alumnus of the prestigious Lagos Business School, Mayowa Owolabi. Mayowa, being referred to, by many as “The Authority” on System Trading, was also honoured with the award of the “Best Independent Business Partner” by a top-notch Silicon Valley Forex broker called Hot Forex in 2017.

With extensive knowledge in trading in the financial market, Mayowa is determined to transmit his trading mastery knowledge and best practices to interested individuals through the Institutional Trading Course.

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The institution which has embarked on its vision to train and raise Ten Thousand (10,000) millionaires in US Dollars, is bent on not just creating a course for individuals, but a community of traders who are willing to learn and earn together.

The course has been structured in a way that empowers applicants to trade with precision and dexterity.

In a session with Mayowa Owolabi on what the course tends to offer to applicants, he said: “Everything in the financial market starts and ends with supply and demand which is the basis of institutional trading.”

The Institutional Trading Course training has been designed with various preferential packages that suit diverse applicants.

To enquire and apply for the Institutional Trading Course, people are required to visit