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Let’s come together to address our challenges – Abiodun tells Nigerians

Let’s come together to address our challenges – Abiodun tells Nigerians

The Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun has called on Nigerians to unite together for the country to overcome its numerous challenges.

Abiodun stated this on Saturday in his message at the 62nd Independence Celebration of the country, held at the MKO Abiola Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta.

The governor submitted that Nigerians should embrace oneness against any issue that could stand as impediment to the progress of the country.

“God has blessed our nation. We should come together to harness the natural gifts bestowed on us for the development of our nation and increased prosperity of our people. Yes, the different units or sections of the federation can develop at their respective paces.

“The different development of the various units should be lessons for others. In the words of our old national anthem, ‘though tribes and tongues may differ, in brotherhood we stand.’ If we come together, we will overcome all the challenges facing our nation.

“Our diversity should be our strength. We should not let the same factors that gave birth to a strong nation that we now enjoy be the same factors that will be impediments to its development.

“Therefore, I urge us all to learn from nations that have been divided by these factors. In unity lies our strength. We should learn from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the two countries that used to be together as one.

“We should even learn from the experiences of the former Soviet Union countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and others that were very influential together in the world. But, today, we all know where fate has taken them after their disintegration. So, we are better together. Our interests are better served than going our different ways,” he said.

In Ogun State, Abiodun noted that no fewer than 400 kilometers of road has been completed across the three senatorial districts in the state.

He added that his administration would continue to put in place policies that will ensure delivery of good governance in the state.

“My dear good people of Ogun State, in the spirit of the celebration of the 62nd Independence Anniversary of our great country, let me enjoin us that as we celebrate this anniversary, we should continue to promote peaceful co-existence, socio-economic development and respect for rule of law. As an Administration, we are determined to build a society with equal opportunities for all to fulfil their potential. Our Administration is committed to the continued discharge of good governance for an optimal development across all sectors of the economy. Ours is a promise-keeping administration.

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“We are committed to even development of all parts of Ogun State. And, as I have said before, we will not develop one part of the State at the expense of another.​

Let me reassure, all the people of Ogun State that our Administration remains unwavering in our commitment to the fulfillment of our “I.S.E.Y.A. Programme” as enshrined in our “Building our Future Together” Agenda. All we request from you is your continued support, cooperation, patience and prayers as we continue to formulate policies and implement programmes towards the development of Ogun State and the creation of individual prosperity for the people. Together, we will build the Ogun State of our collective dreams.

“2023 is another election year as we are all seeking to consolidate our democratic dispensation. No doubt, the politics and politicking towards the next general elections have already begun. We all need to shun the politics of rancor and acrimony. We should rather consider efficiency, pedigree and antecedents of the candidate and credibility as our hallmarks of choosing candidates in the 2023 general election,” Abiodun said.