• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Lagosmatchmaker keeps social life alive amidst Covid-19

Nkpubre Arit Edet

A privacy-focused platform for singles above 25 years old, Lagosmatchmaker has continued to keep social life alive despite the impacts of Covid-19.

Nkpubre Arit Edet, a United States of America certified dating coach and in-house dating coach of Lagosmatchmaker said the platform has helped to keep social life of Nigerians going in the covid-19 era.

Lagosmatchmaker is a privacy-focused platform for singles who are above 25 years old to stay and feel connected and in control of their social life, while maintaining social distancing, which is one of the protocols to ward off covid-19.

Arit Edet, said singles can mingle without the fear of getting exposed to Covid-19 through the platform that Lagosmatchmaker provides.

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Speaking in an interview with reporters recently, Edet said, “the idea that every social place is closed due to the pandemic can make you feel like social life is over, and if you are single, you may feel much more isolated, with very slim chances of meeting anyone or growing your network. Luckily, with social and dating platforms such as Lagosmatchmaker, which is a privacy-focused platform for singles that are 25yrs old and above, there is a way to feel connected and in control of your social life, while maintaining social distancing.

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“At Lagosmatchmaker, you can meet other singles with the help of the team and the support of the in-house dating coach”, she added.

Edet said Lagosmatchmaker guarantees the privacy of those using the platform, adding that, “Lagosmatchmaker was created as a need for privacy in this dating age. It is a privacy focused matchmaking platform for singles over 25years to meet like-minded individuals”.

She decided to venture into the business of matchmaking because of her desire to be a channel to happiness and positively affect economic growth Edet has a burning and strong passion for matchmaking and her certification in data analysis from the value fronteria has been of immense value in the matchmaking business.

She has her first degree in Economics from the prestigious Howard University in Washington, DC and her master in international strategy from University of St-Adrews, Scotland bodes well for the matchmaking business.

She has also commenced the process of obtaining her PhD from University of Plymouth on External Debt Management. She also works as a statistician for National bureau of statistics and has previously worked as a strategist for NEXIM Bank and a data analyst with Debt management office.

She is an author and her books can be purchased on barnes and noble, amazon and other online book stores. Her first book is titled: Examining July 2004 banking sector reform and her second book is titled: Roller coaster: The External debt journey so far- Nigeria. She is also a member of ICAN and PDMI. Being an Economist has made her focused on being a part of economic growth through the gross domestic happiness which is a measurement indicator for economic performance used by countries like France, Bhutan and UK because it is expected that happy people are more productive and efficient.