• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Labour unions issue two-week ultimatum to states not paying N30,000 minimum wage

Labour unions

The Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress have ordered their state chapters to give a two-week ultimatum to states that have not implemented the N30,000 minimum wage.

The decision came from a National Executive Council meeting held by both organisations on Monday.

According to a statement by Joe Ajaero, the NLC’s national president, and Festus Osifo, the TUC’s national president, state councils must issue a two-week notice to state governments that have not applied the N30,000 national minimum wage and its consequential adjustments to prevent industrial action.

“NEC-in-session further directed all state councils whose state governments are yet to fully implement the N30,00 national minimum wage and its consequential adjustments to issue immediately a joint two-week ultimatum to the culpable state governments to avert industrial action,” the statement reads.

They also called for a one-day protest in Anambra State due to the state government’s non-compliance with civil servants’ demands.

“Consequently, the NEC-in-session accordingly reaffirms the NLC and TUC joint ultimatum earlier issued to the Anambra State Government by its Anambra State councils. It therefore directed all affiliates and workers in the state council to mobilise their members to ensure a successful action in the event the state government fails to meet the demands of workers by Thursday, the 23rd of May, 2024.

“In the event that the government fails to meet the demands outlined within the stipulated timeframe, the NEC authorises the leadership of the NLC and TUC to take appropriate actions, including but not limited to the mobilisation of workers for peaceful protests and industrial actions, to press home these demands for social justice and workers’ rights.

“NEC therefore calls on all affiliate unions, and workers including Civil Society Organisations across Nigeria to remain united and steadfast in solidarity during this critical period. Together, we shall prevail in our pursuit of a fair and just society that guarantees the dignity and well-being of all its citizens,” the statement added.