• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Kogi youths vow to drag EFCC to National Human Rights Commission over violation of Yahaya Bello’s children rights


Kogi State youths on Wednesday gathered in Abuja to express their concerns over the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) treatment of allegations against Yahaya Bello, the former governor of Kogi State, criticising the impact on his children, who are unrelated to the investigation.

Mohammed Abdulrazak, the president of the Kogi Independent Youths Association, emphasised the importance of due process in law enforcement and the protection of children from legal disputes involving their parents. He announced plans to bring these issues before the National Human Rights Commission.

He said, “Children don’t play politics. Children can’t be punished for the sins of their parents even when such has been proven. Nobody deserves to be punished for a crime they know nothing about, not to talk of innocent children.

“Today’s rally is the first in the series of actions we have laid out until justice is done in this matter. All these concerns will be presented to the National Human Rights Commission any moment from now for appropriate intervention especially to protect the rights of the innocent children who have been dragged into this political war by the EFCC.”

Abdulrazak highlighted the lack of fair treatment towards Bello, noting the absence of formal charges or a court arraignment. He accused the EFCC of conducting a public trial through the media.

He further explained that the constitution presumes innocence until proven guilty and criticised the EFCC for disregarding this principle and an existing court injunction against Bello’s arrest.

Abdulrazak described the EFCC’s actions as a violation of Bello’s rights and an overreach in forcing a school to refund his children’s tuition.

The group’s stance is not in opposition to Bello’s trial but insists on adherence to legal procedures. They denounced the EFCC’s involvement of Bello’s children in the case, citing violations of the Child’s Rights Act of 2003.

“We are in no way advocating against the trial of the former governor, and if found guilty, face the appropriate sanctions and punishments that go with it, but the anti corruption agency, which is the EFCC must as a matter of obedience to law, follow the procedures because any disobedience to our constitution and extant laws is a recipe for anarchy which is antithetical to our constitutional democracy.

“We condemn in its entirety the involvement of those innocent children in whatever EFCC and the powers that be have against their parents. They should have never have been part of any witch hunt by the Commission. Their actions against these children are in total violation of the Child’s Rights Act of 2003,” the youth said.