• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Kano declares zero-tolerance to corruption in management of public funds

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The administration of Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf in Kano state has expressed its commitment to transparency and accountability in the management of funds secured from International Donor Agencies (IDAs) for the provision of public goods.

Towards this end, the administration says it has zero -tolerance for misappropriation, and outright stealing of public funds, and any public officials caught in the act of stealing will not escape prompt sanctions.

Delivering a keynote address, at a 3-day workshop entitled ‘Effective Utilization of International Development Funds: Ensuring Value for Money Towards Achieving International Funded Projects Deliverables in Kano State’, which opened Monday in the commercial city, Governor Abba disclosed that his administration expects all public officials to deplore public funds effectively.

The governor, whose address was delivered by his chief of staff, Shehu Sagagi said the workshop was organized to acquaint the public officials that will be responsible for the implementation of the projects to be funded by the state, in partnership with IDAs, with the fact that such funds are borrowed money that must be utilized prudently.

Acknowledging delight with the renewed interest that IDAs are demonstrating in the funding of public projects, the governor vowed to bridge all gaps that could be explored in the misappropriation, and misapplication of the funds.

“We are happy this morning to be here on behalf of His Excellency, Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf to declare open this all-important workshop. The purpose of this programme is to let the government officials that will be managing the international public funds secured from IDAs know that these monies are borrowed monies, that require accountability.

“And we want them to also know that our Governor is on the edge to start commissioning some of the projects that these monies will be committed to, so those in charge must work hard to deliver on the projects.

“We want them to that this administration is committed to the effective utilization of these funds, and will not tolerate any misappropriation, mismanagement or outright corruption in the disbursement of these funds.

“We need to let them know that anyone caught in the act of mismanagement of the funds, will be promptly sanctioned, and to prevent the mismanagement there is the need for auditors to be attached to each of the projects that the funds are secured to finance.

“We also want the IDAs to be ready to point out any observed gaps in the disbursement of the funds, and this they can do by reporting directly to the Governor or office of the Chief of Staff”, he further stated.

Providing insights into the workshop, Abdulkadir Abdulsalam, Accountant General of Kano State, revealed that the event brought together top government functionaries, and representatives of Development partners, such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, French Development Agency, Islamic Development Bank, and International Fund for Agricultural Development.

According to the AG, the workshop was designed to focus on some state projects such as Infrastructural development, agricultural enhancement, economic empowerment, healthcare improvement, educational advancement, and rural community development being implemented by the state government in partnership with IDAs.

He further revealed that the workshop will be addressing the issue of project delays, financial management, and sustainability. and community engagement, noting that at the end of the workshop, critical challenges confronting the implementation of the projects will be examined, and a strategic roadmap for the future development of the state will be arrived at.