• Monday, December 04, 2023
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INTERPOL applauds Nigeria’s pivotal role in busting €2 million organised crime ring

Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi,

Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi, the President of the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL), commended Nigeria and other West African nations for their pivotal role in the recovery of over €2 million linked to various organized crime syndicates worldwide.

He gave the commendation during the 4th edition of the Conference and Retreat of Senior Police Officers held in Owerri, Imo state, on Monday. The remarkable achievement was attributed to “Operation Jackal,” an INTERPOL crackdown that took place from May 15 to May 29, 2023. This operation saw the collaboration of police forces, financial crime units, and cybercrime agencies from 21 countries, aiming to strike at the heart of the Black Axe and similar West African organized crime groups.

“Operation Jackal, which took place in May of this year, tackled West African-based organised crime groups like Black Axe to recover over 2 million Euros,” stated Al-Raisi.

In addition to the substantial monetary recovery, Operation Jackal led to the blocking of more than 200 bank accounts associated with the illicit proceeds of online financial crimes. Several high-ranking criminals, whose networks posed a significant global security threat, were apprehended during the operation.

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Al-Raisi emphasised the strategic significance of Nigeria in the activities of these criminal syndicates. He noted, “Nigeria’s geostrategic location has attracted organized criminal groups who often smuggle illicit goods, using Nigeria as a stepping stone to reach other continents.”

Furthermore, Al-Raisi highlighted Nigeria’s integral role in thwarting criminal operations across the continent. As a result of the operation, human smuggling rings in West Africa were neutralized, leading to the rescue of hundreds of migrants and over 1,009 arrests worldwide. INTERPOL’s proactive approach in curbing organized crime underscores the critical partnership with Nigeria and West African nations in maintaining global security and combating transnational criminal networks.