• Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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I respect you, but you have done a bad job, Kukah tells Buhari

I respect you, but you have done a bad job, Kukah tells Buhari

Matthew Kukah, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese Tuesday responded to the government’s call on him to either keep quiet or join politics. He said his comments were not to insult anyone but to point out the reality.

The Bishop said he is political, but not a politician. He gave his response in an interview with arise TV on his Easter sermon.

“I am saying President Buhari knows that I have the greatest respect for him. And I believe he’s a gentleman. But for me as the president of Nigeria, he’s done a terribly bad job,” Kukah said.

“The primary beneficiary of the things I’m saying is myself, and I speak my mind. If you agree with me, if you don’t agree with me, let’s clarify the issues.

You know, so for me, all these people who are talking about how I’m attacking the president, I didn’t attack his person. The two critical things I have fundamental disagreement with this President is his inability to manage diversity effectively and efficiently. So I understand what I’m talking about.

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“The second thing is that those who think that this is about President Buhari, I’ve never dealt with the issues of his character or lack of it. I believe He’s a gentleman but as far as being the president of Nigeria is concerned we’re talking about two different things.”

Kukah said he has not asked for anything outside of what is expected as he has only taken on the government on its promises.

“I have never taken President Buhari out of the realm of the promises he made to Nigeria. And I’m saying to his so called spokesman, let them tell me, give us chapter and verse. Let them tell me all the promises that were made, that is a box we can tick. For me that is the issue we are talking about,” the Bishop added.

As for the call for him to join politics and leave the church, he said, “I’m political but I’m not a politician”.