• Monday, April 22, 2024
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How Rainbow Educational Services impacts local communities

How Rainbow Educational Services impacts local communities

In less than four decades of its existence, Rainbow Educational Services has through its schools engaged in activities that spread love and impact on the local communities.

Such acts of kindness were recently displayed when pupils from Pampers Private School, owned by Rainbow Educational Services, visited the Red Cross Orphanage, Heart of God Hospice, and the Destitute Home at Ebute Meta to donate toiletries, clothing and food items.

Speaking recently after the visit during Valentine’s Season, Oludolapo Odunlami, founder of Pampers Private School and Rainbow College, said the seasons of love and giving not only provide opportunities to give back to society but to reflect on the ways that they impact the day-to-day life of everyone, in and out of season.

According to her, it is a great opportunity to spread love and compassion, especially during special seasons, to the communities that have embraced and supported the school throughout its journey.

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“Forty years on, our commitment to nurturing academic excellence and community bonds continues to shine through initiatives such as this,” she said.

She said that looking beyond the seasonal activities and as part of a long-term strategy of creating impact, Rainbow College partnered with Bridge International Academies and Pistis Foundation to pave the way for underprivileged students seeking a brighter future.

Odunlami disclosed that four benevolence scholarships were awarded to students who demonstrated academic merit, leadership potential and a commitment to their communities. She added that the scholarships provided hope and opportunity to deserving students and served as a lifeline for the beneficiaries.

“These wonderful initiatives, undertaken by both Rainbow College and Pampers Private School, showcase the true essence of love. They go beyond mere donations and extend beyond the immediate beneficiaries.

“These initiatives foster a culture of empathy, social responsibility and community engagement. By nurturing young minds both academically and ethically, Rainbow Educational Services is playing a vital role in building a brighter future for all,” she said.