• Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Here are top 3 concerns for the future of PR across Africa

Here are top 3 concerns for the future of PR across Africa

Artificial intelligence (17.3%), Information analysis (13.8 %) and Internet of things (12.6 %) are the top three concerns for the future of Public Relations (PR) as an industry according to a recent report conducted by BHM Research & Intelligence (BR&I) in partnership with other industry stakeholders and some professional associations across Africa.

The maiden edition of the Africa PR and Communications (APCR) was launched last week with data, facts and statistics on the continent’s Public Relations industry where 3,133 participants surveyed across 29 countries.

According to the report, fake news 19 percent, ethical and professional practices 20.1 percent are the top two concerns of practitioners. It also found that economic instability 21 percent, funding and cash flow 17 percent and sales 15 percent are the top three issues that businesses and clients face across Africa.

As Africa continues to experience economic growth and social development, public relations (PR) professionals are expected to understand their role in influencing further global recognition of its prospects and driving investments by being embedded in every area of policymaking, advisory, and management.

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“This is the first step in rallying all practitioners and stakeholders on the continent to understand what is possible and actions to embark upon, but we must first acknowledge that no significant influence can be achieved without key data and information. We are enthused about the new insights provided in the APCR and how they’ll shape PR and communication practice in Africa as we know it, for the benefit of the continent and its one-billion-strong people,” Ayeni Adekunle, founder, BHM and APCR committee chair said.

According to him, the first-ever APCR was established as an expansion of the annual Nigeria PR Report to capture diverse cultures, professional practices and capacity, and growth opportunities for the PR and communication industry in Africa.

“The time has come to immortalise the art of PR in Africa, harnessing the wealth of resources and opportunities at our disposal, while taking advantage of information, data, and expert insights to unleash our extraordinary professional prowess,” Moliehi Molekoa, MD, Magna Carta, a pan-African reputation management consultancy and APCR Committee adviser.

Femi Falodun, executive director, BHM and APCR Committee adviser, said the APCR serves as a first of its kind source of credible local data and insights to aid strategic planning for marketing and communications industry stakeholders within and outside Africa. “Africa is currently witnessing unprecedented global interest in its cultural, social, technological, and economic activities. This brings up a great opportunity and challenge for communicators and ‘image-makers’ on the continent to deliver impactful work that will shape the way Africa is perceived, received and consumed around the world”.