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Fun places to visit in Abuja under 5k

Abuja, Nigeria’s administrative hub, has fun places to visit, as it seamlessly merges governance with cultural richness. Beyond its governmental role, the city boasts a lively cultural scene and diverse recreational options, making it a must-visit for those seeking enjoyment and enrichment. Experience the blend of culture and leisure by exploring these captivating, fun places in Abuja.

These carefully curated places to visit are created to captivate anyone looking for a getaway.

Wakanda Paintballing

wakanda paintball

At Wakanda Paintball in Abuja, you can engage in heart-pounding paintball battles without breaking your wallet. You can engage in strategic gaming and team building in a beautiful outdoor setting with reasonable entry costs of N3000 per person.

The Rink


At The Rink in Abuja, you may enjoy skating without going broke. This skating area offers a cheap option to spend a day of active amusement and interacting with friends and family for a low entry price of N2500 – N5000. You can skate, spin, and slide to a budget-friendly, memorable experience.

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Retro Africa

At Retro Africa in Abuja, you may immerse yourself in art and culture without spending a dime; the entrance fee is free. This gallery and cultural centre encourages you to explore exhibitions, workshops, and events celebrating creativity.

Discovery Museum

discovery museum
Offering an affordable entry fee between N2750 – and N7700, The Discovery Museum in Abuja invites you to discover a world of knowledge and adventure. With interactive exhibits covering science, culture, and technology, this place captures the attention of young brains and interested adults and is tagged as Nigeria’s first digital museum.

Amazon Kayak

Embark on a budget-friendly water adventure with Amazon Kayak in Abuja. Experience the thrill of kayaking on serene waters without overspending. Their price list is between N2500- and N50000. You can paddle through nature and enjoy an immersive outdoor experience without straining your budget.

These attractive, fun places to visit in Abuja, which provide leisure, culture, and entertainment, show Abuja’s tranquil side among the city’s busy administrative environment. Whether you live in Abuja or are just visiting, explore the many activities the city has to provide.