• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Firm woos Nigerians with fractional real estate investment route


Maihomm, a property acquisition and management company, has simplified foreign real estate co-ownership for Nigerians by offering a fractional investment route to make international real estate possible in Nigeria.

Eni Eniola, founder, Maihomm management limited, said fractional investment in foreign real estate will help Nigerians hedge against inflation, which will also help the co-owners to key into one of the best asset classes in history.

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According to him, investors can earn passive income in foreign exchange (FX) in addition to hedging against inflation, with an estimated 21 percent per annum in rental income from the co-owned property and recoup their initial investment with ongoing, consistent cash flow in FX.

Eniola said further that investors can earn an average of 4-6 percent in annual asset appreciation that is redeemable on sale of the entire asset or sale of their stake in the property. According to him, investors in Maihomm are the legal beneficiary of hard assets, which is vital for any strong investment portfolio strategy as property owners in one of the strongest global economies.

He disclosed that Maihomm is a registered company in the UK, U.S., Canada, and Nigeria both as a management trustee and a limited company. According to him, Maihomm Management Trustee is the entity that owns the properties and is currently partnered with FBNQuest in Nigeria as one of its trustees to manage its clients across the country.

“Maihomm Trustees gets the property; you become a beneficiary of Maihomm Trustees as a trustee company. Maihomm management comes and says, Maihomm Trustees, what do you have for me today? Oh, I have two properties in Scotland – go and manage it. Then Maihomm management handles that,” Eniola said.

According to him, all clients’ funds and co-owned properties are held in trust by Maihomm Trustees, a UK registered trust and regulated by the HMRC. He also disclosed that every documentation will be done in the country where the property is domiciled.

“Under the Nigerian umbrella, it remains Maihomm management; every documentation you will get from us is going to be UK-registered documentation for your properties. Not just that; whatever country you buy into, if it is U.S., it’s a U.S-registered document,” Eniola said.