• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Entrepreneurs need resilience, adequate finance to drive successful businesses – Experts

Entrepreneurs need resilience, adequate finance to drive successful businesses – Experts

By Tomisin Fatoba

Experts in the country’s entrepreneurship landscape have said that for business operators to run successful businesses they require resilience, scalability and access to adequate finance.

The experts who spoke at a recent leadership roundtable held in Abuja in collaboration with Maxwell Leadership said entrepreneurs require training to build capacity for sustainable businesses.

Wale Adekanla, a leadership expert, spoke on the importance of business scalability, resilience and effective financing in challenging times.

Adekanla, who is also the convener, emphasised the importance of scalable leadership frameworks in multiplying profitability.

“Scalable leadership is key to driving organisational growth and maximising returns on investment.”

His insights underscored the need for leaders to adopt adaptable strategies that can evolve with changing market dynamics.

The event, themed ‘Resilience, Business Financing, and Leadership in Challenging Times,’ brought together thought leaders from across sectors to explore strategies needed to scale above the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) economy.

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In the course of the session, the resource persons emphasised on the importance of resilience in leadership, especially amidst the current economy.

Odeyemi Olayiwole, CEO of Inspired2Lead, highlighted the role of resilience, stating, “Building resilience is essential for leaders to weather the storms of uncertainty and adversity.”

This sentiment was echoed by other speakers, who emphasised the need for leaders to adapt and thrive in the face of challenges.

Additionally, the summit addressed the vital aspect of business financing, with Abraham Orukpe, CEO of BUSLMA, shedding light on effective business structures for increasing revenue.

He emphasised the significance of financial planning and strategic investments, asserting, “A robust business structure is crucial
for sustainable growth and profitability.”

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Also, Smith Bam, CEO of Purd Education Company, highlighted the role of people as catalysts for growth, emphasising the significance of investing in human capital for organisational success.

The leadership event provided valuable insights and actionable strategies for leaders to enhance their resilience, optimise business financing, and drive sustainable growth in challenging times.

Through collaborative discussions and expert presentations, attendees gained valuable perspectives on thriving successfully in today’s business world.

Adekanla’s commitment to equipping leaders with the skills needed to thrive in volatile environments underscores his expertise in leadership development and organisational strategy.