• Friday, December 08, 2023
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Eno releases N1bn to support FG’s palliative fund after youths’ protest

Eno moves to offset backlog of gratuities in Akwa Ibom, releases N1.5bn

A day after thousands of youths staged a protest in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital city, over the lack of employment opportunities, Umo Eno, governor of the state. has announced the release of N1 billion to augment the amount sent by the Federal Government as palliatives fund.

The youths, who took their protest to the governor’s office but were dispersed by security operatives, also demanded transparency in the disbursement of the 13 oil derivations received by the state government.

Eno said the distribution of palliatives to residents of the state will begin on September 4, 2023, while also announcing the approval of N2 billion as another tranche for the payment of gratuities to retired teachers in both the state and local government service, reaffirming his commitment to the execution of One Project Per Local Government Area Initiative.

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Responding to the protest by the youths, Eno assured that with the state government’s augmentation, and the 3000 bags of rice and N2 billion so far received from the Federal Government, the over 2270 villages in the state should be hopeful to get at least 50 bags of rice each.

“I am sure each village will get between at least 50 bags.

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“We will give to the Hausa community, Yoruba community, Igbo community, Niger Delta community, and all of the security services and all other people that may not be able to get to villages. they are not village people but they are also part of us in Akwa Ibom.

“We have approved another line of gratuity to the teachers, we have approved to the local government and to the state. That is N2 billion. That is from the state coffers.

“We want to do one project per local government so as to help ensure that we provide jobs for our young people.

“These are the quick-fix measures we are doing. Don’t forget this is a short, medium and long-term package”, the Governor declared.

He warned that the state government has gathered intelligence on some people trying to disrupt the peace in the state by inciting the youths to cause a breach of law and the peace we have enjoyed in the state. He cautioned the youths to be wary of such people.

“Let us understand that Akwa Ibom is for all of us. This state is peaceful and we intend to continue to drive that narrative, to do everything to make sure that our state is peaceful.

“Those of us who are leaders must avoid making statements that will incite the youths. Our young people at this point should not be misguided,” he said.