• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Embraer announce female-only aviation tech education programme

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Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace company launched a tech education program exclusively for females to address gender inequality in the industry.

According to Airport Technology, the new initiative called the Social Tech Careers program is in collaboration with Gama Academy.

Airports Technology is reputed to be a standard research platform that gives global data reports and offers expert analysis, insights and opinions to companies in the world’s largest industries.

This partnership has emerged due to the necessity for women to take on additional roles in the aviation industry.
Reports from Airports Technology said, 30% of female aviation professionals feel discriminated against due to their gender, thereby highlighting the persistence of gender inequality in the aviation sector.

Andreza Alberto, Embraer’s Vice President of People, ESG, and Corporate Communications, explained that the program will promote a culture of openness consistent with the company’s values.

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“We are very proud of this affirmative action focused on quality education for women who want to enter the technology market,” he said to Airport Technology.

As outlined in its sustainability report for 2022, Embraer has established a corporate objective to have 20 percent of women in senior leadership positions by 2025.

Students who enrol in this course will gain experience in data analysis and utilise the Python programming language. These skills can be applied in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, and automation.

Also, participants who complete the four-month course will be added to Embraer and partner companies’ talent databases for potential hiring.

The venture aims to increase the presence of women in the industry and address gender imbalance.

Embraer’s involvement in events like the 33rd Annual Conference of Women in Aviation and the 34th Conference of the International Association of Women in Aviation showcases its dedication to promoting women’s presence and careers in the industry