• Friday, July 19, 2024
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DTIS Introduces new security protection programmes in Nigeria

DTIS Introduces new security protection programmes in Nigeria

The chief executive officer of Orlando-based DefenderTech International Systems (DTIS), David Fullerton, has announced that they are preparing a variety of custom programmes for interested organizations in Nigeria. DTIS, which is presently working with local representatives in Lagos, Nigeria, offers a variety of specialized security and protection equipment including surveillance equipment, technical security solutions, bodyguards, VIP Protection and training, the company announced via a statement released to the press this week.

Just recently, the company added a set of COVID-19 protective solutions designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including the SmartGard® Protective, a light-activated film that automatically disinfects door handles, strike bars, and push plates, after each touch to reduce virus spread.

Custom programs for Nigeria could include training programs for law enforcement, policing, IT security review, security risk assessments, hospital and healthcare security assessments, maritime port and ship security solutions designed to meet the U.S. Maritime Transportation Security Act, and the ISPS Code, an international standard.

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Caroline Ramsey-Hamilton, Vice President of DefenderTech International, has a strong background in Maritime Security and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Maritime Security Council.

Caroline Ramsey-Hamilton is an expert in security threat risk assessment & compliance, including CMS hospital & healthcare compliance assessments, HIPAA compliance, and COVID-19 controls, active shooter & workplace violence assessments, & CMS all-hazards security risk assessments for hospitals & healthcare, financial institutions, seaport & maritime assessments, manufacturing facilities security, federal agencies (worldwide), & mission-critical facilities, including DOD. She works with a variety of hospitals & 17 types of healthcare organizations, academic medical centres, colleges and universities, energy producers, and product companies.

“We also offer programs to assess and reconfigure an organization’s total security and safety operations. Add our sixty years of experience to improve your organization’s security, safety, and protective services,” she said.