• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Dangote Cement begins conversion of waste-to-energy

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As part of measures to curb environmental degradation and ensure a clean, green and safe environment, the Dangote Cement plc is intensifying efforts towards the waste-to-energy initiative by turning biomass, scrap tyres, fly ash, spent oil and greases to alternative fuel to power its plants across the country.

The waste-to-energy process experimented last year where about 89,000 tonnes of waste, including biomass, scrap tyres, fly ash, spent oil and greases were co-pressed and converted to alternative energy to power some cement plants belonging to Dangote Cement plc.

Speaking against the backdrop of the United Nations International Mother Earth Day which is celebrated yearly on April 22, Dangote Cement reiterated its commitment to protecting the earth and mitigating environmental degradation.

Michel Puchercos, group managing director, Dangote Cement plc, noted that one sure way to address the problems of the environment was through the conversion and co-processing of waste as an alternative fuel as experimented in 2021 by the Dangote Cement plc where 89,000 tonnes of waste were converted to alternative fuel.

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He stated that poor waste management was a known environmental challenge in Africa and that “Dangote Cement is addressing this problem through co-processing of various alternative fuels.

He said adequate measures were being taken to checkmate environmental degradation and lamented the environmental challenges the world faces, which stem from climate change, drought, desertification, deforestation, famine, violence, improper disposal of solid and chemical waste as well pollution of various degrees.

Earlier, Peter Anagbe, head, alternative fuel project, Dangote Cement plc, said this year’s Earth Day offers Dangote Cement the opportunity among others to “demonstrate our contribution to sustainable waste management and the inclusion of local communities in our value chain through the alternative fuel (AF) project. This is our response to the UN’s call to action to promote harmony with nature and mother earth.”

He listed several circular economy initiatives to be implemented such as a community stakeholder enlightenment campaign to communicate the importance of managing and reusing waste responsibly.

Also speaking on the occasion of the World Earth Day, Igazeuma Okoroba, head, sustainability, explained that Dangote Cement had done a lot to protect the mother earth through strategic actions to protect the environment from further pollution and degradation.