• Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Cholera outbreak: FG warns against consumption of local beverages

Cholera outbreak: FG warns against consumption of local beverages

The Nigerian government has warned the citizens against the consumption of local beverages such as kunu, zobo, fura da nono, koko, and fruit juice, citing them as potential sources of cholera.

Nigeria is currently battling a cholera outbreak, with about 50 deaths recorded so far.

Iziaq Salako, minister of state for environment, gave the warning in a statement in Abuja. Salako also urged Nigerians to wash their hands regularly with soap under running water, especially at moments such as after using the toilet, after cleaning a child who has gone to the toilet, before preparing food, before and after eating, and after playing with animals.

Other precautionary measures include avoiding open defecation and instead using clean and safe toilets.

“Cook foods well, keep them covered and eat them hot. Eating in public places, including at parties should be done with utmost care.

“Wash fruits and vegetables with clean and safe water before eating,” the statement said.

“We urge all commissioners of environment and local government chairmen to support environmental health officers across the country to step up their sanitation and hygiene activities through enhanced community-led total sanitation to break further transmission and spread of the disease.

“We also urge the scale-up of awareness campaigns focusing especially on places where prepared food and drinks are sold like markets, garages, schools, restaurants, stadia, religious, and sporting events. In addition, sub-national governments are urged to strengthen environmental health surveillance in eating premises like “mama put”, cafeterias, restaurants and mobile food vendors” the statement, noted.

“Cholera is preventable, and prevention remains better and cheaper than cure. We, therefore, urge all Nigerians to take these preventive measures seriously and more importantly, keep their environment clean” the statement, further warned.

A situation report from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) indicates over 1159 suspected cases, 65 confirmed cases and 30 deaths across 30 states in Nigeria.

The states most affected include Bayelsa, Lagos, Zamfara, Abia, Bauchi, Cross River, Ebonyi, Delta and Katsina