• Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Achimugu faces tax scrutiny from FCT Revenue Service after Grenada birthday bash

Aisha Achimugu (1)

The Federal Capital Territory Internal Revenue Service has reminded Aisha Achimugu, an Abuja-based Nigerian businesswoman, of her tax obligations to the country, urging her to submit her annual returns.

Annual returns, documenting financial activities over the past year, are essential for transparency and legal compliance, the agency said.

The reminder follows Achimugu’s lavish 50th birthday celebration, which gained attention after it was reported that Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, attended.

Sanwo-Olu clarified that his visit to Grenada aimed at discussing Lagos’ developmental projects with Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell, with incidental social engagements.

Sanwo-Olu said, “Last weekend in St. George’s, Grenada, I presented Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell with a miniature of the Blue Line Rail, and we engaged in extensive discussions on various aspects of our bilateral relations, focusing mainly on tourism, agriculture, and other economic interests that could benefit both our regions.

“Prime Minister Mitchell also shared exciting plans for Grenada’s upcoming 50th-anniversary celebrations in February. It was a productive and enriching exchange, setting the stage for deeper collaboration between our regions.

“Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend some social events, further strengthening the ties between our two nations.”

In response to Achimugu’s lavish golden jubilee anniversary celebrated on Thursday, FCT-IRS extended wishes to her and reminded her to fulfill her tax obligations as a Nigerian citizen.

“The FCT-Internal Revenue Service extends our warmest birthday wishes to you! May this special day be filled with joy and blessings. Remember to fulfill your tax obligations by filing your annual tax returns,” the revenue agency wrote.

Amidst the swirling controversies surrounding her birthday celebrations, the 50-year-old took pride in her newfound popularity, likening it to the surge in attention.

Achimugu said, “Good evening, everyone, lovers of mine. This is not an official thank you for being there for me and coming to Grenada. It is a very tough time. It was a moment for me to thank everyone whom I should be concerned over the pleasant media help about this famous Aisha.

“And I want to congratulate myself for being the most popular person in the entire world, apart from the Gaza and Israeli fight, I guess something that’s most popular on the news globally. I give God the glory, and I thank God for my life. And for those who have genuinely shown concern over the media, I want to assure you that I’m well, I’m in a high spirit,

“I really don’t give a hoot. I’m doing me; I’ve always done me, a happy soul, doing what makes me happy.

“And again, celebrating people who love me, genuinely love me, who have always been there for me in the last 50 years and even less, but feels like they’ve known me all my life.”

“I thank you all. Thank you to everyone who has called me privately, those who have shown concern on the platform, and even those who have been quiet about it and praying in their own time. I want to say I’m extremely, extremely very grateful,” she added.