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Six things to know about Calivigny Island

Calivigny Island

Calivigny Island is a private island located off the southwest coast of Grenada. It is a quiet paradise that provides a getaway from the bustle of the mainland.

Calivigny was formerly home to Native Americans for a while, before it was developed into a French sugar plantation. There are still traces of the plantation’s past across the island, which lends an air of mystery in the island.

The island has Beachfront Villas and Suites with Private Plunge Pools and Ocean Views for accommodation. actively maintain the island’s natural resources are maintained and solar energy is employed while ingredients are sourced locally. It costs from US$ 30,000/night to stay at Calivigny.

Things to know about Calivigny Island

Water sports: Calivigny is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Along the coastline, there are windsurfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and exhilarating jet ski rides. Underwater marvels can be seen through snorkelling and scuba diving.

Culinary delights: A blend of locally grown produce, exotic flavours, and fresh Caribbean seafood can be found in the resort’s restaurants. Informal poolside lunches or romantic meals on the beach while taking ocean views

Nature Trails: Explore the island’s varied flora and fauna by hiking through verdant rainforests. Take in the natural splendour by exploring the hidden trails and seeing colourful birds, iguanas, and even monkeys.

Stargazing Sanctuary: Calivigny has stargazing chances due to its low light pollution. You can take in the Milky Way while lying on the beach, or learn about constellations and other celestial beauties by participating in a guided stargazing session.

Unaltered Beauty: Calivigny is popular for its beaches surrounded by luxuriant tropical vegetation. Undiscovered coves can be discovered, one could go snorkelling in reefs rich in marine life, or just unwind on the smooth beach in the warm Caribbean sun.

Yachting Haven: The island is a sailing resort. One can see opulent boats anchored off the coast, or book one for a customised island-hopping excursion.

The resort hosts special events throughout the year, from yoga retreats to gourmet cooking classes and other unique experiences depending on their calendar .

Calivigny is ideal for honeymooners, celebrities, or anyone looking for the utmost seclusion as it has just one luxury resort.