• Sunday, June 16, 2024
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A/Ibom bans activities of scavengers after deadly clash

A/Ibom bans activities of scavengers after deadly clash

Akwa Ibom government has announced the ban of scavengers and their activities following “grave infractions including acts of criminality and threat to peaceful inter-ethnic relationships in the state.’’

According to checks, the ban may not be unconnected with a clash between the scavengers and some people in the state which left at least three persons dead after a reprisal attack during the weekend.

Emmanuel Ekuwem, Secretary to the State Government said in a statement made available to Businessday that “the action of Government is also in consonance with public sentiments amidst popular complaints against the activities of these scavengers who wantonly violate peoples properties, stealing and assaulting law-abiding citizens in the process.”

It recalled that sometime in 2021, multiple explosions, causing fatalities, were recorded in Oruk Anam Local Government Area in the course of scavengers sorting out what turned out to be military brand explosives adding that about four lives were lost in this incident.

The statement added that “on 2nd Jan 2022 scavengers violated the premises of a citizen in Afaha Oku, Uyo Local Government Area in an attempt to cart away properties.

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“While attempting to prevent the scavengers, the citizen was callously murdered in cold blood while mob action was visited on the scavenger assailants causing the death of the two scavengers.”

“ Sundays appear to be the busiest day for these scavengers who take advantage of mass Church attendance to invade homes and cart away valuables leaving hapless citizens with tales of woe upon their return from Church.

“As a responsible Government, we can no longer tolerate the activities of this industry which evidently is in no way adding value to the socio-economic well being of the state but rather escalating tensions and threatening the overall peace and security of the State. Accordingly, the operations of scrap scavengers in the State are banned forthwith. Violators of this ban will be apprehended and dealt with according to the law.”

In the same vein, the state government also announced the ban of motorcycle operations within Uyo metropolis saying defaulters would stand the chance of losing not only their motorcycles but also would risk being prosecuted and possibly jailed.

“Security Agencies and the general public are therefore put on notice. An enforcement structure has been put in place to effect these directives to the letter.

“The General public should be rest assured that the Government of Akwa Ibom State will leave no stones unturned in ensuring the safety of lives and properties as well as the peace and security of the state,” the statement added.