• Friday, May 24, 2024
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Mohbad: The late Afrobeats star once aspired to be an accountant

Abidemi Faboye, the proprietor and former principal of Abifab College in Ikorodu, Lagos, where Mohbad (Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba), attended secondary school, reveals that the late music star could have been an accountant.

In an interview with PUNCH, Faboye provided insight into Mohbad’s time at Abifab College and shared details about the artist’s early life, academic endeavours, and the surprising revelation that he once aspired to become an accountant.

Mohbad, born in 1996, joined Abifab College in 2013 at 17, leaving a public school to seek education at the institution. According to Faboye, Mohbad was initially a reserved and slender young man who later transformed physically. His elder sister, Blessing, had also graduated from Abifab College in 2013.

While at the school, Mohbad was known for his easygoing nature and dedication to his studies. He enrolled in the commercial class and achieved commendable results, especially in mathematics and financial accounting, subjects essential for pursuing a career in accounting.

Surprisingly, during his time at Abifab College, Mohbad’s musical talents remained hidden. Faboye and the school’s teachers were unaware of his potential in the music industry. It wasn’t until years later, after Mohbad had left school that his musical career came to light.

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Faboye stated, “When we heard about Imole [Mohbad’s stage name], we were all surprised. I was not familiar with Afrobeats music until one day; my daughter told me, ‘Do you know Uncle Promise is now Mohbad?’” He added that Mohbad was active in the school’s music club and would often lead songs during quiz competitions.

After gaining fame as a musician, Mohbad remained connected with his former principal. Faboye revealed that Mohbad would occasionally call him to share updates about his music career, mentioning that he wrote down lyrics in a jotter whenever inspiration struck.

Faboye expressed pride in Mohbad’s accomplishments as a musician, describing him as a “real imole (light) of Afrobeat music.” He lamented the premature loss of the young artist and emphasized the importance of parents supporting their children’s chosen career paths while still valuing education.

Faboye urged parents to engage with their children, encourage their aspirations, and provide financial support when necessary. He emphasized that even as children pursue unconventional careers, such as music, law, or engineering, parents should maintain an open line of communication to offer guidance and support.

The former school principal also highlighted the need for parents to balance granting their children independence and being involved in their lives.