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4 Systems That Can Help Your Business When Hiring New Applicants

4 Systems That Can Help Your Business When Hiring New Applicants

Any company, regardless of the products and services offered, can’t thrive in the business arena without employees. Your employees are vital in the daily operations and long-term success of your business because they help manage different areas of it.
Your company’s ability to maximize the talents and skills of employees should start in the recruitment process.

As an entrepreneur, you need to properly screen applicants to determine who are the best people for the positions you want to be filled in. However, hiring new applicants can be challenging as you’ll have many tasks to accomplish before you can find the right individuals.
If you want to make life easier when you hire new applicants, opt to utilize these systems:

Applicant Tracking System

If you want to attract many applicants, you don’t only have to pay attention as to how your job ads look, but you should also consider where you’re going to post these ads. Even the most informative job ad will be useless if it’s posted in a website that no one’s heard of.

When hiring new applicants, make sure that you’re starting the process using an applicant tracking system. This system can do wonders for entrepreneurs like you because this allows you to upload job ads, and then submit them to countless job-hunting websites, such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed.

You can also use an applicant tracking system that allows you to schedule and hold interviews online. This way, you can accommodate more applicants during the day and expedite the recruitment process.

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If you’ve been doing interviews for years, you’ll know how tiring it can be at times to answer the same questions thrown by the applicants. When you hire applicants, you’ll have to answer their questions about their pay, responsibilities, and working schedules, just to name a few. Answering these questions is your responsibility as an employer, but this can also take a lot of time.

Fortunately, you won’t have to experience the same anymore as there are systems today that act as chatbots and help you reduce the time you spend on answering applicants’ questions. Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence that pre-screens applicants by answering some of their most common questions.

Aside from saving you time from answering FAQs, these chatbots can also improve your recruitment process as you won’t end up scheduling an interview with an applicant who isn’t happy with your paygrade. This kind of information will be acquired by the chatbot upfront, allowing you to reduce cost on finding, hiring, and onboarding an employee who won’t be happy with the perks offered by your company.

Personalized Questions

Companies are different in nature, which means that they’ll be looking for different applicants. A tech company looking for a customer representative will require different skills from an applicant than a fashion company hiring for the same position.

There are now online systems that allow you to craft questionnaires for you to effectively determine the depths of the applicant’s knowledge of the position they’re applying for. The information you can gain from these questionnaires will make it easy for you to understand the applicant’s personality and skillset even before scheduling for a personal interview.

Having the ability to craft customized questions and send these out virtually can be very beneficial for companies who have very strict requirements from their applicants.

Digitizing Paperworks

Paperworks are essential in the recruitment process. For starters, you’ll need to ask for a copy of the applicant’s resume to assess if this person is suitable for the position you’re looking for. The paper trail can go on as you’ll have to present documents the moment an applicant gets hired for the job.

If you’re looking for ways to finally implement a new-hire paperwork process, don’t fret because there are now systems that can help you out. Today, you can maximize systems that are meant to digitize all of the paperwork involved in the recruitment process.

With this system, applicants can easily upload their licenses and certificates on their smartphones, and then send them to your inbox, instead of printing all of these documents. This system also allows you to send contracts of your newly hired employees to their emails to ensure that your onboarding process goes fast and smooth.

Invest Properly
Hiring new applicants for your company is important and shouldn’t be done hastily. Hiring applicants without conducting the necessary background checks or doing interviews with them will only create a negative impact on the business.
To ensure that you’ll end up hiring the best applicants for your company, invest in the systems mentioned in this article. The time and effort you’ll put into learning these systems will be worth it as you’ll get to hire the best people for various positions, without wasting resources during the process.