• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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2022: Clerics optimistic of divine intervention in Nigeria, say ‘God will do a new thing’

2024: Clerics optimistic of national rebirth, urge Nigerians to unite for growth

Indeed, 2021 has been a year of challenges for many; however, the Lord was gracious to the people in the course of the year, despite the terrible storms of economic instability, security challenges and the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic’s lingering effect. SEYI JOHN SALAU spoke with some clerics to get their goodwill messages for Nigeria and Nigerians for the New Year 2022. Excerpts:

Stephen Adegbite, the chairman Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Lagos State, was at the final day of the 6-day global miracle explosion organised by the Deeper Life Bible Church.

According to Adegbite, the Church in Lagos has been praying for such a revival as being led by Kumuyi. “We thank God for the life of Baba W.F. Kumuyi and we pray that the good Lord will continue to use him for His own glory. He is a blessing to our generation; we thank God for his life, for his ministry”.

Shearing his goodwill message to Nigerians in the New Year, Adegbite said: “My message to Nigerians is a message of hope; a message of peace, it’s a message of love. Because God so loves the world; he gave His only begotten son, whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. We are going to have better Nigerians; a better Nigeria and the government of Nigeria must ensure that they protect life and property of Nigeria and Nigerians. It is going to be well with our country: the electioneering period is coming; every politician must play the game by the rule and must ensure no violence, no thuggery, no killing of anyone – God has people that will serve and they should wait for their own time. If it is their own time to serve, God will make it possible for them and it is going to be well with all of us in the name of Jesus.”

Humphrey Bamisebi Olumakaiye, the diocesan bishop of Lagos and Archbishop, Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos:

Season’s greetings in the name of the Lord our Saviour! It is such a marvelous wonder that another 365 days have ended and we are all counted among the living. As God’s representative I bring the message of light, hope and salvation. I am here to tell you that ‘though darkness may cover the people and thick darkness the nations, the glory of the Lord shall rise upon you and your household.’ Without shadow of doubt, the New Year will be to you and your household a year of light and fresh air. You will have light for a new beginning, new insight and supernatural wisdom. Has it not been written that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning (Psalms 30:5-7)? I declare with the authority of the Almighty God that the long night is ending and joy has come. I enjoin you to have this unshaken faith that in 2022 light will arise for you in place of darkness, healing in place of hurt, health in place of sickness, and peace that surpasses all understanding in place of turmoil. For the Lord Almighty will satisfy you with all good things of life in this New Year and as his own sons and daughters He will cause you to ride over your mountains (Amen).

Each New Year offers a blank sheet of rewriting history and changing the narrative. It is God’s benevolent gift of time to etch our footprints in the sand of history. Indeed, New Year is a new window of opportunity to be a better person in character, disposition, and attitude. With the arrival of another 365 days comes another door of hope to rise from the shadow and shine the light in an ever-increasingly dark world. Therefore, the desire of the Lord Almighty is that we should all seize the moment and embrace this gift of time with resolute determination. The chance to make the right impact is for all, and on all; for leaders and followers; for men and women; for boys and girls – without discrimination and partiality.

The message for us on a personal level is that we must seize the moment and create the right impact in the New Year. The advent of the year has brought us memories of goodness and fresh hope. However, we must never let hope fail by being slothful and negligent of our duty to God, Church and the society. Since we desire a better world where righteousness, peace and prosperity dwell, we must do better than what has been done in past years. Rewards come for those who work for it and not for those who merely wished for it. Let us therefore, in the year 2022, be followers of those who through right labour, faith and patience inherit the promise of God.

On the national level, while some have already closed the curtains of progress on the current government, I dare say the sun in the sky is enough to dry the cloth for our government. The public hope for better governance, maximum security and a revamped economy must be restored in the New Year. The government of the day must do all to avoid adding to the burden of the common man in the New Year. Hope will arise in our land as the government shows the right mindset and readiness to deal with fundamental challenges of the nation in the area of security, economy and national unity. The New Year is a year of fresh air for our nation. Fresh air will begin to blow from now on and what some expect will not materialise, but hope and light will be for the upright in heart.

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On the international level, the New Year, though, is pregnant with dark uncertainty of cosmic dimensions. Yet, for us the children of light, our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. Nations may rise and fall, economies may tumble and collapse, drums of war may be heard in distant land, and strange signs may be seen in the heavens above and earth below. In all, that may come and befall our world, the Lord of Host is with us and the God of Jacob our refuge! Therefore, we have hope for survival and prosperity in this New Year.

As we celebrate the advent of the New Year, I charge us in God to enjoy the festivities with resolute faith that ‘joy comes in the morning.’ Let us felicitate with one another in the spirit of unity, oneness, hope and love. Year 2022 will be for you and your household year of great tidings of joy, peace and salvation. Though darkness covers the whole earth, you will have light and joy in your hearts and homes. I wish you a happy, prosperous and peaceful year! Shalom!

Tope Ilesanmi, chairman of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Ikeja Province: ‘Nigeria on the way to a higher ground’

The chairman of the PFN in Ikeja has assured Nigerians in his goodwill message for the New Year that the country is on an upward trajectory to a higher ground. According to him, each step to the higher ground is a hurdle that must be surmounted. Some known politicians will not survive war physically and politically. He said Nigerians should use 2022 to strategically usher in a Messiah for 2023; and that the Church in Nigeria should sell whatever she can to buy political power, before it’s too late (Mt 13:44).

Archbishop Joseph Ojo, founder, Calvary Kingdom Church (CKC) International, Lagos: ‘God will do a new thing for Nigeria’

“God is able to take us through the difficulties and grant us a very hopeful, powerful and positive 2022. All Nigerians, irrespective of their faith, religion, should be hopeful that God definitely will do a new thing in the year 2022.”

Rev. Fr. Peter Olowolafe, Chairman, CAN, Ekiti State: ‘Justice, peace and development, panacea to insecurity in Nigeria’

As we prepare for another journey, 2022, there is a need for Nigerian leaders to preach and practise justice at all levels, so as to create room for peace and sanity throughout the nation. Also, I urge all Christians to emulate Jesus Christ who did not count his equality with God but humbled himself for the salvation of mankind.

As witnesses to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, Christians need to spread love to others on the basis of justice wherever they find themselves, calling for tolerance among different groups as the 2022 governorship election approaches in Ekiti State.

I believe that Ekiti would be a reference point in terms of development and growth if various groups could pay the price of upholding justice which would later translate to peace and development. I also humbly appeal to Christians to obey all the Covid-19 protocols. The Government should ensure that every citizen is vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Nigerian governments at all levels should as a matter of urgency intensify efforts at ensuring a secure and safe environment for the citizens.