• Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Here are apps you can trade Nigerian stocks

Here are apps you can trade Nigerian stocks

The Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) has witnessed a three-month bullish rally attracting more and more people to trade on it and with the rise of digital technologies, investing in stocks on the NSE has become easier than ever before.

Recently, the NSE All Share Index hit a record high with investors gaining trillions of naira cumulatively.

Individuals are increasingly looking for convenient and accessible ways to invest their hard-earned money.

Nigeria, with its growing economy and vibrant stock market, offers a plethora of opportunities for investors.

Here are several prominent Nigerian investment platforms that can help you navigate the exciting world of stock trading in real time;


Trove is an investment platform that stands out for its simplicity and accessibility. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced investor, Trove allows you to invest in both local and international stocks with ease. This user-friendly platform provides a convenient way to start your journey in the Nigerian stock market, opening doors to a world of investment possibilities.

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Chaka is another Nigerian stock trading platform that offers a comprehensive range of investment options. It’s your gateway to both local and international markets. Chaka provides investors with valuable features and information to make informed decisions, ensuring that you can navigate the world of stocks effectively and confidently.

Meritrade by Meristem

For those seeking a trusted name in the Nigerian financial sector, Meritrade by Meristem is a noteworthy option. Meristem Securities Limited, a well-established Nigerian brokerage, offers its online trading platform, Meritrade, to investors. With a legacy of reliability, Meritrade provides access to a variety of investment products, including Nigerian stocks and bonds.

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Afrinvestor 2.0

Afrinvestor 2.0 is the online trading platform of Afrinvestor Securities Limited, a wealth advisory firm focused on West Africa. This platform extends a diverse array of investment products, including Nigerian stocks and bonds. As a wealth advisory specialist, Afrinvestor Securities Limited provides a unique perspective and expertise to help you make informed investment decisions.


Wealth.ng is a platform that caters to both local and global investors. It grants access to foreign stocks and also facilitates trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Wealth.ng is a product of WealthTech Limited, affiliated with Sankore Securities Limited. Importantly, Sankore Securities Limited is registered with the Nigerian Exchange Limited and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria, ensuring a secure and compliant investment environment. Payments on Wealth.ng are seamlessly processed via Flutterwave, a PCI DSS-certified payment platform.