• Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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The transformative impact of Obijackson Foundation

The transformative impact of Obijackson Foundation

In the heart of Anambra State, Southeast Nigeria, the Obijackson Foundation stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to uplifting the underprivileged in low-income communities.

Established in 2010, The ObiJackson Foundation tackles the challenges of poor literacy, nutrition and healthcare in Eastern Nigeria, particularly in the rural areas and underserved communities..

Our programmes allow us to make real and measurable changes in Eastern Nigeria and beyond. We are intentional in bringing the marginalized back into the community and do our part in building up socio-economic inclusion and transforming the communities around us.

“We have a robust team of people who oversee our different areas of intervention and impact. In all our programs, we are very hands on and involved on a personal level with our beneficiaries,” remarked Pamela Egbo, the Executive Director, Obijackson Foundation. “This enables us to get to the people who need the most help and support and also allows us measure progress and sustainability of these initiatives.”

Founder of Obijackson Foundation Dr. Azudialu Obiejesi, Member Board of Trustees Mrs. Nnenna-Obiejesi and the Obijackson Foundation Staff led by our Executive Director Pamela Egbo with students of the Gonzaga Jesuit Academy, Okija, Anambra State, Nigeria

Rehabilitation and empowerment behind bars

Recently, the foundation took a groundbreaking step in collaboration with the Akwa Ibom State Command of the Nigerian Correctional Service. On the 2nd of November 2023, the foundation, joined by key government officials and service chiefs, launched an initiative to rehabilitate and empower inmates. The program, spanning various skills training, trade certifications, and financial support, aims not only to equip individuals with practical skills but also to address the root causes of criminal behavior.

The belief in the power of reintegration into society is a cornerstone of this initiative. By providing tangible resources and skills, the foundation strives to reduce the likelihood of re-offending, fostering a positive ripple effect within communities.

Obijackson Foundation
Inspection of the mini ICT lab equipped with 6 computers, printer, generating set with an internet connection donated to the Akwa Ibom state command for the National Open University study center in Ikot-Ekpene.

A holistic approach to empowerment

In addition to skill development, the foundation recognizes the significance of digital literacy in the contemporary world. A mini ICT Lab was established at the National Open University Study Center, offering inmates opportunities not only to acquire digital skills but also to pursue higher education.

“The year 2024 is for strategic partnerships with organizations who have shared values. We are also planning on expanding our outreach beyond Anambra and Lagos,” according to Egbo. “We are going to be focusing on Digital literacy programs as well as expanding our work on rehabilitation and training of inmates to Lagos.”

The Executive Director of the Obijackson Foundation also laid emphasis on the pivotal role of partnerships in creating a meaningful impact on society, calling on all stakeholders to contribute to transformative change. The collaboration received accolades from the Governor’s representative and the Akwa Ibom State Command, signaling a promising avenue for sustained collaboration.

“Our goal remains to reach the most vulnerable and poor in our communities and to give them hope through our transformative interventions,” she stated.

Inspection of the mini ICT lab equipped with 6 computers, printer, generating set with an internet connection donated to the Akwa Ibom state command for the National Open University study center in Ikot-Ekpene.

Awards and recognition

Egbo, the Executive Director, received a humanitarian award from the Controller of the Nigerian Correctional Service, Akwa Ibom State Command, acknowledging the foundation’s efforts in rehabilitation and empowerment.

Interview sessions with both guests and empowered inmates provided a platform for personal stories and reflections, humanizing the rehabilitation process. The foundation distributed several startup packs, including barbing salons, laundry machines, vulcanizing and welding machines, along with a startup capital of N150,000 to each released inmate

Beyond Bars: Impacting lives across Nigeria

The Obijackson Foundation extends its positive impact through various programs across Nigeria. Under the Welfare Partners program, Adaeze’s Place and Ibadan Mercy Home provide support for abused and less privileged children, offering scholarships, healthcare, and mental health support.

The Enterprise program includes the ObiJackson Farm, focusing on crop and livestock farming to create jobs for unemployed youth. The Pantry initiative under the Nutrition program provides raw food items to thousands of poor people in Anambra and beyond.

Healthcare, education, and cultural enrichment

The Foundation’s commitment to accessible healthcare is evident through partnerships with the Obijackson Women and Children’s Hospital, offering maternal and pediatric care, health insurance, and awareness programs.

In the realm of education, the Gonzaga Jesuit Academy receives support to ensure poor indigenous Okija residents have access to quality basic education. The Foundation sponsors 40 children annually into the academy, addressing challenges such as school fees, inadequate infrastructure, and qualified teachers.

Cultural enrichment remains a major focus through the Face of Okija Cultural Festival, celebrating the rich Igbo culture.

The visionary behind the impact

The Obijackson Foundation’s versatility and impact is sustained due to the vision of its Founder and Chairman, Dr. Azudialu Obiejesi. His unwavering commitment to giving back to the underserved communities is reflected in various accolades, including the ‘ThisDay Newspaper Young Global Champion Award for Excellence and Good Governance’ and the Forbes All Africa Business Leaders Award for West African Entrepreneur of the year in 2012. His personal ethos of philanthropy shines through the diverse philanthropic undertakings of the Obijackson Foundation.

The Obijackson Foundation is leading the pathway to more inclusive and empowered society and is open to strategic partners with shared vision to making lasting impact at the grassroots in achieving some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) objectives.