• Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Stakeholders unveil electricity challenges in ‘UP-NEPA’ documentary

Lagos shoots for improved power with new electricity Law

By Joy Jimoh

Key stakeholders in the power industry have put together the electricity challenges in ‘UP-NEPA’ documentary which chronicles the lingering challenges of electricity supply in Nigeria.

‘UP NEPA’, a video documentary, which details Nigeria’s unreliable power supply and its impact on individuals, businesses and the economy, brings to the limelight challenges facing the sector, including poor electricity supply, policy implementation, regulatory uncertainty, gas supply challenges, transmission system constraints and corruption, among others.

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Ishaya Bako, director of film, while speaking to journalists, said the documentary provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges of providing adequate, and sustained electrical power to Nigeria’s growing population in spite being one of the world’s largest primary energy producers.

“It also examines the historical changes and government reforms within the power sector while anticipating future developments.

“I am particularly grateful to the MacArthur Foundation, for their support in producing the film, and our hardworking team at Griot Studios, who have persevered to ensure this project becomes a reality,” he said.

Ummi Yakubu, executive producer of “UP NEPA” and Creative Director of Griot Studios, said the project was conceived to stir discussions towards finding lasting solutions to Nigeria’s electricity challenges.

Yakubu said: “This is an issue that affects the quality of life, from every aspect of it, whether it is healthcare, business, or the quality of life in general.

“It is important to note that economic development and growth cannot take place without consistent and reliable power supply.

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“We are hoping that the average Nigerian will watch this and understand what is going on in the power sector and understand who the key players are.

“They will also understand how power actually gets generated, all the way to coming down to us being able to switch on our sockets and get power.”