• Friday, June 14, 2024
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Negligence of boy child’s wellbeing, growth fueling anti-social behaviour – Centre

Negligence of boy child’s wellbeing, growth fueling anti-social behaviour – Centre

The high rate of negligence by parents and guardians towards the well-being and development of the boy child has been identified as one of the reasons leading to the anti-social behaviour exhibited by boy children in society.

According to Nkiruka Moghalu Joel, founder of Boy-Child Transformation Centre (BTC), these anti-social behaviours are now robbing off on family values and have necessitated the call for all stakeholders in Nigeria to prioritise the well-being and development of the boy child.

Joel, who in commemoration of the month of celebrating the boy child, advocated for more moral and character development among young boys.

This, she said, will help to address issues around inadequate familial support, abandonment, societal pressures, and negative influences. She pointed out the need to instil in the male children virtues including integrity, empathy, and positive values for positive societal contribution.

“In this month dedicated to celebrating the boy child, we call upon all stakeholders, including the government, religious bodies, parents, primary guardians, schools, leaders, and the entire community to address these pressing issues.

“We can only encourage the growth of morally upright young men who will make valuable contributions to the development and advancement of our country by working together and making deliberate efforts in this regard,” Joel said.

Joel commended government agencies such as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for their proactive measures in recent times towards taking a special interest in at-risk youths and playing a vital role in redirecting the trajectories of young men while offering them a chance at a brighter future.

She said the Centre is committed to changing the narrative and trajectory of boys aged 5 – 19 across Nigeria.

“Its programmes and initiatives aim to equip boys with the necessary skills, values, and opportunities to thrive in today’s complex and rapidly changing world. However, it cannot do this alone. We need the support and collaboration of all stakeholders to effect meaningful and sustainable change,” Joel added.

Boy-Child Transformation Centre in 2023, hosted an annual ‘Walk in My Shoes,’ a creative expression initiative for boys to showcase their talents and abilities, resulting in numerous awards.

This year, the initiative will prioritise mentorship opportunities, building upon the success of the previous edition.

Inaugural mentors such as Tunji Olugbodi, EVC of Verdant Zeal Group; Kola Oyeyemi, CEO, AXIOM Intel Limited; Oladipo Adesida, COO of Verdant Zeal Group; Tola Ogunmekan, a seasoned banker and financial advisor, and Michael Oloyede, a renowned musician, are expected to attend.

The above mentioned guests will be joined by mentors in the upcoming event themed: ‘Walk in My Shoes – the Mentor’s Feet’ scheduled for May 26, 2024.