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30,000 tonnes food processing plant catalyst for food security, economic growth – Shaibu

30,000 tonnes food processing plant catalyst for food security, economic growth – Shaibu

Philip Shaibu, deputy governor of Edo State, and Farouk Mudi, president of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), have commended the establishment of a food processing plant in Onicha-Ugbo, Delta State by Mmobuosi Holdings.

The leaders expressed confidence that the 30,000-tonne facility have the potential to address food security challenges, support Nigerian farmers, and drive economic growth.

During a recent inspection tour of the plant, Deputy Governor Shaibu stressed the urgency for transitioning Nigeria into a productive economy, saying, “We have to deal with the issue of insecurity and must guarantee food security for
our people; because a hungry man is an angry man. We must consciously put all our resources, time, and energy into production and getting enough food for our people.”

Shaibu further stressed the importance of supporting local farmers to build a sustainable supply network for locally processed food. He encouraged a shift in perception, saying that, “Farming is unattractive in terms of the way
people perceive farming in Nigeria, especially the small-scale farmers. We see farmers as hungry and poor, whereas farmers are the richest guys. Now, we have to create the setting to attract the younger ones to farm, cluster these farms, deal with the issue of insecurity in Nigeria, and also get processing companies to follow.”

Expressing support for the construction of the food processing plant, Shaibu said: “This is a welcome development and a good thing for Delta State, and I also want the Delta state government to support it in terms of infrastructure.
I am so happy and excited to be part of this project, and I want others to partner and join in this to fund it sufficiently in terms of infrastructure and human capital.”

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Also at the event, Mudi, president of AFAN, expressed gratitude for Dozy Mmobuosi’s support for Nigerian farmers, saying, “What Dozy is building here has long been a dream for the Ministry of Agriculture. Dozy is here today doing it in his home state, and we are indeed proud of it.”

Leading the inspection team, Mmobuosi, founder and former CEO of Tingo Group, disclosed that the plant, leased to Tingo Foods for a period of 20 years, would produce various consumer food products and have a storage capacity of 300,000 tonnes of grains.

Mmobuosi said: “This Tingo Foods Processing Plant is not just a facility; it represents a catalyst for economic empowerment and community development.”

He also highlighted the project’s alignment with the Nigerian government’s vision for food security and economic diversification. The groundbreaking at the site commenced in February 2023, with initial work starting in July 2023.