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Why corset styles now adorn the wardrobe of every woman

Why corset styles now adorn the wardrobe of every woman

As women’s fashion continually changes everyday, present-day women have over time incorporated corsets in their wardrobe.

As seen in social media and televised events, celebrities and influencers have been wearing the very corset that women in the 19th century were fighting hard to get away from. But the corset design has changed drastically, from being worn as a restricting undergarment to becoming outerwear and often worn to replicate “retro” fashion.

The primary purpose of corsets for women is to shape the body. Corsets are designed to cinch and mold the waist, creating a more hourglass-like silhouette.

Wearing a corset can also make one’s clothing fit better, since it creates an even form throughout the entire torso area.

Some women choose to wear corsets as part of their daily wardrobe as a fashion statement. In this case, they may be made from more lightweight materials than traditional corsets that are meant primarily for shaping the body. As such, wearing a corset can help complete an outfit and accentuate certain areas of the body in a stylish way

Many celebrities wore them to award shows and the Met Gala. For the public, corsets became somewhat associated with these outlandish celebrity outfits

According to Wildcat Tribune, TikTok on the other hand has been a key player in the resurgence of corsets. TikTok is a place of a variety of widespread trends, including the corset trend.

In the song “Hans of Holbein” by the musical SIX, a small part of the lyrics, “you bring the corset, I’ll bring the cinchers, no one wants a waist over nine inches” has seemingly gone viral with users purchasing a corset, putting it on and tightening the laces while singing the lyrics for a visible dramatic change in their waist size.

Almost immediately, the light green Victorian era looking corset that became the face of the trend became sold out on Amazon, as other TikTok users purchased it to recreate the trend. By the summer of 2021, corsets were almost everywhere to the point it wasn’t even noticeably different or odd. It could be seen on Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms, and became even more popular by the sudden amount of celebrities wearing it to events and nights out.

According to evasintimates.com, the modern trend for wearing corsets has grown in popularity amongst young women due to its ability to help create hourglass shapes. It’s even come full circle from Victorian times – once used by women primarily as functional shapewear it is now seen as fashionable streetwear; often worn as standalone items or layered over other items such as t-shirts and tops for a statement look that can turn heads on any occasion.

When choosing their own individual style it’s not just about looking great though; today’s generation also values comfort in clothing pieces they wear day after day.

Fortunately, many types of modern corsets are made using stretch fabrics that make them comfortable while still providing stylish shape enhancement when needed.

This versatility makes them suitable for different occasions and activities where being able to adjust your fit quickly is important.