• Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Victor Uwaifo lives on as Premier Records releases Joromi featuring Mya Blue

Victor Uwaifo lives on as Premier Records releases Joromi featuring Mya Blue

Just like they say, legends do not die, their works live after them. Same applies to the legendary Sir Victor Uwaifo, as his former record label, Premier Records Limited, has just released a modern version of Joromi, featuring Mya Blue, Nigeria’s first AI artist. The song is a fusion of the original melody, afrobeats and amapiano with the use of modern technology.

According to Eclipse Nkasi, creator of Mya Blue, it was a project that brought about a lot of creativity and innovation. “We did not just want to create an AI influenced work like our first project; we wanted this to be original in all ways. So, we took our time to create something unique. As a producer, this is one of the most challenging projects I have done. The ability to maintain the original sound and have the legendary Sir Victor Uwaifo’s voice on it was the most exciting part. Truly, it is an amazing piece and I am happy we worked with a legacy record label like Premier Records Limited to pull this off,” Nkasi said.

In a press release, Michael Odiong, CEO, Premier Records Limited, said that the label company embraced the project because AI is seen as the future. “Music is innovation and we must always be open to innovations. Some might be bad, some good, but they all make their impact if well used. We have survived for over 60 years because we are open to new innovations. This is one of them. We believe that our legends never die. They might not be physically present, but their voices continually live on forever. As a label, it is our duty to keep the voice of our artists going using new and innovative ways. AI is here with us now, we must take advantage of it legally otherwise the world will pass Africa by and recreate our music without our consent,” Odiong said.

The new Joromi is a modern version of the original one released in the 1960s, it features Nigeria’s first AI artist known as Mya Blue.