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Trendy Ankara and lace combination styles that match perfectly


Combining materials is not a new thing for many fashion lovers, it is a very classy and go-to look for every young lady. This style has continued to remain in trend and will remain a major change in the fashion industry. The creativity of designing an outfit cannot be over-emphasized. The use of various adornments and embroideries like trimmings, net and so many more. All bring out an outfit in the best possible way.

Ankara is an indigenous African wear and has gotten a chance to show off the beautiful bright colours, tribes and cultures that binds us as Africans. Fashion lovers always try to come up with the most creative and outstanding attire now and then and this cannot be taken from them. These attires are worn by everyone irrespective of class, tribe and culture.

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The recent ankara and lace styles are currently on high demand, as so many ladies are starting to fall in love with this unique design that is still fresh and very appealing.

The vibrant colors and endless designs that are available to fit any event or fashion preference are the main reasons why the Ankara fabric has been such a big success throughout the years.

According to Trybefashion.com, as a lady, being cautious of the type of outfit worn is very important. One needs to select clothes based on skin type and colour. Colour play an important role when it comes to mixing up fabrics. There are various types of Ankara such as dry, swiss, chewing gum lace and so much more.

Fashion enthusiasts but in so much effort to come up with the most desirable design and style that will make them stand out amongst the crowd at all times. Fashionistas, come up with new outfit choices now and then with makes them remain on top of their game.

Trybefashion.com listed some new outfit choices that make combination of Ankara and lace very unique.

Dry lace combined with ankara styles:

Dry lace is one of the most used lace types to mix with any type of Ankara fabric. It is lightweight and comes out looking gorgeous and elevated without trying to be too extra with your style. This can be done in many admiring ways and will turn out more fascinating than ever. Every fashion designer, try to bring out their creativity when it comes to this combo and it is always a thing to admire.

Ankara and lace combination skirt and blouse:

Skirt and Blouse are not new to the fashion industry it is very supreme and high-end for top fashionistas. Skirts and Blouses can be used in many diverse ways such as shirts, long or three-quarters. A skirt and Blouse can be worn to any event such as weddings and so much more. The use of a lace combo creates a more detailed design with every look.

White lace and ankara combination:

White is a very cool colour choice that can be mixed with any material like Ankara. White is a very common colour that pops out adequately. The use of these colours gives a very defining moment to your attire. This material can be used on the general body of the wear or mixed for the sleeves, neckline and so much more.

Ankara and lace combo long gown:

Long gowns are so many ladies’ favourites. Especially for elaborate events like weddings, introductions and so much more. So many ways in which a long gown can be styled such as off-shoulder, cold shoulder and so many more. Make use of colours that will blend with the colour on the Ankara fabric for the best results.

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Understanding the various ways in which one can combine their outfit is very essential for every lady. This can be used in many enlightening ways of choice. Try out the new trends that are making a mark in the fashion industry today and you’ll enjoy your looks with the right stylists.