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Top 8 cities to start a new career

Top 8 cities to start a new career

Moving for work may be an exciting and intimidating experience, and making the decision to uproot your life in order to pursue career prospects needs serious thought and preparation. Amidst a constantly changing global environment, some cities emerge as centers of opportunity, providing a blend of economic dynamism, cultural diversity, and high standard of living that makes them top choices for professionals with aspirations.

Choosing the correct location for your career is crucial, regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur wanting to establish your venture in a supportive ecosystem or a fresh graduate searching for your first work opportunity.

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Participants in the Boston Consulting Group London poll, Decoding Global Talent, were asked which places they would be prepared to relocate to in order to pursue employment. We look into each city below to see what makes it such a desirable location for growth and employment prospects.

With 18% of respondents saying they would be prepared to relocate there for employment, London topped the list of places to start a new job. London has won this category for the last three times, and it continues to do so despite the geopolitical unrest brought on by Brexit.

London has a lot to offer people. With several multinational corporations having their offices and headquarters there, the city serves as a global center for finance and business. London is the location of more private sector companies than any other region in the UK, accounting for over 22% of the country’s GDP.

In general, London’s working culture is “work hard, play hard.” Even though the work can be demanding, the city hosts a lot of social and networking activities. Some will be organized by non-profit organizations with the goal of bringing together like-minded people and possible industry mentors, and some will be hosted by businesses for their employees. London is well known for its multicultural population, which consists of individuals from all over the world. Because of this, it’s a fantastic option for foreigners, providing a warm and stimulating atmosphere.

Fifteen percent of respondents saying they would be prepared to relocate there for employment, Amsterdam was ranked as the second-best place to start a new career. Amsterdam is now in second place, up from fifth in the previous survey.

The business environment in Amsterdam is flourishing, with a particular emphasis on finance, technology, the creative industries, and the life sciences. The city is renowned for being a center for innovation and entrepreneurs, and it offers a large number of co-working spaces to promote and encourage connections, cooperation, and working relationships. Another city that celebrates diversity is Amsterdam, home to a sizable population of foreign employees and citizens.

The quality of life in Amsterdam is excellent for its citizens. In general, the Netherlands values a healthy work/life balance; although hard effort is required, overtime is avoided, if not outright discouraged. Many people like having flexible work schedules because they can manage their work around social and familial responsibilities.

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Of the respondents, 14% were eager to relocate to Dubai for employment, making it the third most preferred place to start a new job. Dubai has moved up three spots from sixth position in the previous study, indicating the city’s development as a desirable location for worldwide business.

Modern infrastructure, business-friendly legislation, and a flourishing economy characterize Dubai. It’s a major international center for trade, business, and finance that provides amazing employment prospects in a variety of sectors, including real estate, tourism, hospitality, and technology.

Working in Dubai is highly attractive due to its tax-free income policy. Residents are exempt from paying personal income tax on their earnings, in contrast to many other nations. When you combine this with the high average salary, working in Dubai can lead to greater take-home money and more financial independence for employees.

According to 13% of those surveyed, Berlin comes in at number four on the list of the greatest places to start a new career. Originally ranked third in the world, Berlin has dropped one spot since the latest report.

With businesses like health sciences, transportation, ICT, media, and music all experiencing growth, Berlin is primarily a service-based city. Actually, a lot of startups and entrepreneurial endeavors are based in Berlin, which is well known for being a global center for technology. It draws a community that is extremely diversified due to its thriving and well-known arts sector.

Its progressive and tolerant atmosphere are a result of its diversified society. People from many walks of life find Berlin to be the ideal place to live because of its reputation for being hospitable, open, and accepting. Along with being one of the greenest cities in the world, the city prioritizes environmental sustainability and has many open green areas as well as sustainable projects and laws.

Abu Dhabi
According to 11% of respondents, Abu Dhabi was ranked joint-fifth best place to start a new job, and they would be willing to relocate there for work. Abu Dhabi has moved up a staggering nine spots from the 2018 survey.

The UAE’s economy is mostly centered in Abu Dhabi, which also controls the majority of its resources, including 95% of its oil and 92% of its gas. Information technology, banking and finance, building and engineering, tourism, and hospitality are other booming businesses. Great professional prospects and room for advancement in a variety of professions have arisen from this.

The population of Abu Dhabi is multicultural, with almost 90% of its residents being foreigners. As a result, a genuinely global network of cooperation and networking has been fostered. Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi gains from high wages and tax-free income.

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Ten percent of respondents said they would be willing to relocate to Tokyo in order to find work, making it the joint-fifth best place to start a new career. Tokyo’s score improved by four spots from the previous edition according to the most recent study.

Estimated to have a gross metropolitan output of US$2 trillion, Tokyo boasts the second largest metropolitan economy globally. Several significant investment banks and insurance businesses have their headquarters in the city, which is a major hub for international finance. It is a great place for people in the tech industry because it is renowned for being at the forefront of technological developments. Tokyo offers an array of stimulating and profitable professional prospects, including the publishing, broadcasting, and transportation sectors.

Tokyo is renowned for being a productive and efficient place to work. It is frequently rated very well for cleanliness and safety, making it a comfortable place for people to live and work. It has first-rate facilities, including top-notch medical and educational facilities in the world.

Eleven percent of respondents said they would be willing to relocate to Singapore for employment, making it the joint fifth best destination to start a new career. This ranking represents a significant increase of 8 spots over the previous report.

Singapore is a global center for business and is regularly rated as having one of the world’s most open economies, one of the least corrupt, and one that supports business. It is well known for having the lowest tax rates and the world’s highest per capita GDP in terms of purchasing power parity. Singapore is home to the headquarters of numerous international firms covering a wide range of industries, providing ample opportunity for professional development and advancement.

Singapore is a well-liked travel destination for foreigners because of its stringent sanitation standards, low crime rate, and effective services. Its public transit system, which is among the best in the world, also makes it easy to go around the city and visit all of the many facilities and attractions.

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New York
Ten percent of respondents said they would be willing to relocate to New York for employment, ranking it as the sixth best place to start a new job. New York dropped six spots from the last analysis.

New York serves as a global hub for banking and finance, healthcare, media, retail, real estate, life sciences, and more. It is also a center for business and trade worldwide. The city is home to the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, the two biggest stock exchanges in the world. At almost 400 million square feet, Midtown Manhattan is the world’s largest central business area. It also boasts a flourishing startup scene and an innovative mentality encouraged by entrepreneurship.

New York has a lot of job options, but its culture also draws people in. It boasts a thriving arts scene with top-notch theaters, museums, galleries, and performance spaces. The city provides its citizens with a high standard of living in a fast-paced environment, together with a range of first-rate facilities and infrastructure that contribute to a happy way of life.