• Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Telemundo thrills Nigerian audience with two new shows


Telemundo, a television network owned by NBCUniversal has launched two new shows, Ana’s Revenge and Until Money Do Us Part to entertain its Nigerian fans.

The shows were screened at Telemundo’s private screening event on March 25, at FilmHouse Twin waters, Lagos.

Telemundo entered the Nigerian market 10 years ago and has become a household name. Most of its movies are centered around love, family, and romance which appeals to a lot of people around the world including Nigeria.

Olamide Fagbemide, a videographer, said for her Telemundo is a daily habit for her and her family.

“ It’s a tradition for us at home, from 7pm to 10pm we are glued to Telemundo from one show to the other. I’m excited about the new series especially because some of my favorite stars are featured,” she said.

Another participant at the movie Yinka Yadah spoke of how Telemundo has informed her of a lot of Mexican culture.

“I love that by watching Telemundo movies I’m able to learn about other cultures. From the short clips of both shows I’ve been able to see what being from a different class in Mexico is like,” she said.

Ana’s Revenge is the story of a wise, beautiful woman Ana Guerrero (Carolina Gómez) who is bent on seeking revenge against her mother’s murderer: Guillermo León Mejía (Marlon Moreno) – a corrupt politician contesting for the President of the Republic.

To accomplish her mission, Ana positions herself to become the most popular political adviser in the country. The new series started airing on Dstv showing at 9pm everyday on Telemundo.

Carmen Vilalobos, the lead actress in the popular My heart beat for Lola is also the star of the new series Until Money Do, Us Part (Hasta que la plata nos separe). Starring as Alejandra Maldonado, a successful high-ranking executive builds a love story with Rafael Méndez (Martínez), a charismatic and humble salesman, and These two get involved in a car accident which leaves Rafael with a debt incurred by Alejandra from the accident.

Amid this situation, these two fall in love. Their love is, however, threatened by their financial disparity. It is shown everyday on Telemundo (DStv channel 118) at 7pm.

Hosted by Tallulah Doherty, the likes of Baaj Adegbule, Teniola Aladese, and Omobola Val, who are amazing actors, influencers, and lovers of Telemundo, were also in attendance.