• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Shower Your Mother With Plenty Attention From OkadaBooks

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Humanity has been hit by an enemy the naked eyes cannot see. The novel Covid-19/ Coronavirus might not be so new anymore (after taking most of the attention from the news in recent weeks) but that doesn’t make the threat it poses any less real. More than ever, social distancing is encouraged and what this means is that fewer parties, beach time, and group hugs. 😢

But the glimmer of hope, aside from the search for cures and vaccine, might just be in books and how they have the power to sweep us away to another land without worries, for a few hours.

This weekend,  celebrate World Poetry Day, World Water Day and Mother’s Day with OkaaBooks.

The  Words of my mother by Bahati Books

‘The Words of my Mother’ is a multi-layered poetry collection that unearths a world that remains buried in our modern-day era and is dominated by television, laptops, smartphones and social media. “The Words of my Mother” digs deeper beyond this – it reveals a world of nature and child-like wonder. This collection is filled with nostalgia for things that were and what should have been. It’s a worthy read. See for yourself.

Why do you wash your hands? by Olubunmi Aboderin Talabi

Proper handwashing can prevent the spread of disease, including Covid-19/ Coronavirus. It is an effective and affordable way to practice good hygiene.

Why Do You Wash Your Hands? is a fun way to teach children (and adults who couldn’t learn it as children) the importance of handwashing. With colourful illustrations and simple language, everyone will love reading this book. Still, doubting? Take a look.

Mothers and Daughters by I. B. Glover

When a young banker, Olanma, meets a wise old woman, Emotan, who has walked the well-worn path of raising girls in these modern times, theirs is a meeting of destiny. Olanma finds her way with the help of Emotan’s candour and wisdom, just when she was about losing all hopes. Read More.