• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Reports says children with poor oral health are likely to suffer from low self-esteem, underdevelopment

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Children with poor oral health are nearly twice as likely to find it difficult to socialise with others, The Hidden Impact of Oral Health on Children’s Lives Global Report reveals.

In the first-ever global study looking at the wider impacts of oral health on children’s lives, Pepsodent Toothpaste has produced evidence that the quality of a child’s oral care has repercussions beyond just health.

The report which was released as part of the annual World Oral Health Day celebrations by the brand, also found that tooth decay and other oral health diseases can cause knock-on effect on the potentials of children.



According to the report, children with poor health don’t just suffer bad breath, cavities and pain; poor oral health in childhood also causes hidden damage which limits their overall potential during education and beyond.

The report is based on new research commissioned as part of the brand’s ongoing mission to actively improve oral health for children and adults worldwide.

Speaking on the benefits of oral health for children, Head Dentistry Division, Federal Ministry of Health Nigeria, Dr Bola Alonge noted, “Oral care puts tooth decay and other oral diseases in check just as it helps to boost the potential of children and make them participate actively in academic and extra-curricular activities.



The well-being of children should be handled with a sense of purpose; thus it is vital to make them appreciate oral hygiene from tender ages. This will help to protect their future.”

Speaking on the research Dr Timi Akinmuda, a renowned dentist of the Blanche Dental clinic stated “Children not going for routine checkups are twice as likely to experience pain. Most children’s dental visits are for oral health problems, not check-ups, thereby contributing to them linking dental checks to anxiety.

Most parents & children also claim to brush twice a day, but some parents occasionally ‘reward’ their children with skipping brushing. These children are more likely to suffer from pain. We must therefore instill the importance of habitual and proper twice a day brushing”

Speaking on the findings of the research, Category Manager (Oral Care), Unilever Nigeria Plc, Toluwaleke Salu said: “The results from the paper make a compelling, evidence-based case that a child’s oral care has a link with self-esteem. Parents should therefore take their children’s oral health seriously by ensuring their children brush twice a day regularly to prevent the repercussions. “



She added: “Ultimately, Pepsodent Toothpaste has been able to prove the impact of oral care on a child’s confidence and sense of self-worth by showing that a healthy smile takes you further.”
Speaking on the reason the research was carried out by the brand, Feranmi Muraina, Brand Manager Pepsodent Unilever Nigeria said “We believe this evidence offers the society new, more compelling reasons to pay attention to brushing their teeth and can drive real behaviourial change around prevention, not firefighting, when it comes to oral health”

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