• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Peru claims to have the world’s oldest person born in 1900

Peru claims to have the world’s oldest person born in 1900

Peru’s government asserts that Marcelino Abad, a resident of the central Peruvian region of Huanuco, born in 1900, is 124 years old, potentially making him the oldest living person ever recorded, surpassing all previous verifications.

BusinessDay reported on Wednesday that the Guinness World Records recently crowned John Alfred Tinniswood, a British supercentenarian a 111-year-old Briton as the oldest living man, following the passing of a 114-year-old Venezuelan. The oldest living woman is currently 117 years old. The record for the oldest verified person ever is 122 years.

Marcelino Abad, who hails from the small town of Chaglla, remained under the radar until 2019 when the Peruvian government officially recognized him, providing him with a government ID and pension.

Celebrating his 124th birthday on April 5, Abad credits his longevity to a diet abundant in fruits and lamb meat, and the tradition of chewing coca leaves common in Peru’s Andean communities.

He now resides in a seniors’ home where he was honored with a special celebration for his birthday, including a cake featuring a figurine resembling him.

“Among the tranquility of the flora and fauna of Huanuco, Marcelino Abad Tolentino or ‘Mashico’ developed a healthy way of life and inner peace, reflected in his good health and friendly personality,” the government said in a statement.

“This allowed him, with resilience and skill, to overcome 12 decades of life and on April 5th he just blew out 124 candles.”

Peruvian authorities are assisting Abad in applying to the Guinness World Records for independent verification of his age.