• Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Performing arts soars with ballet’s expressive power in Lagos

Performing arts soars with ballet’s expressive power in Lagos

If you are a ballet fan, there are now platforms to enjoy enthralling ballet performances in the country, especially in Lagos.

As well, the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria (SPAN), the umbrella body of theatrical performances, including ballet, warehouses ballet platforms across the country.

To further the penetration of ballet in the performance art landscape, SPAN launched its Ballet Society in Lagos.

The launch followed a highly successful three-week intensive training program with Michelle Brawley, director of Ballet Society of Ottawa in Canada. The groundbreaking initiative aims to bring the elegance, discipline, and beauty of ballet to the cultural landscape of Nigeria.

The Ballet Society will serve as a platform for aspiring dancers to explore and cultivate their passion for ballet while receiving world-class training and guidance. Under the expert mentorship of Brawley, renowned for her expertise in classical ballet and dedication to nurturing talent, the Ballet Society aims to elevate the art of ballet in Nigeria to new heights.

The three-week intensive training program was a transformative experience for aspiring ballet dancers in Lagos. Participants were immersed in an environment of rigorous training, honing their skills in classical ballet techniques, contemporary dance forms, and choreography.

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Through Brawley’s invaluable guidance and mentorship, the dancers gained a deeper understanding of ballet’s expressive power and the importance of discipline and precision in their craft.

In addition to the Ballet Society, SPAN is delighted to unveil the SPAN Music Club for kids, further expanding its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering creativity. The SPAN Music Club will provide a platform for young musicians to explore various musical genres, receive professional guidance, and showcase their skills through regular performances and events.

By investing in the development of young musicians, SPAN aims to contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s vibrant music industry.

The SPAN is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and fostering the performing arts in Nigeria.

With a mission to develop talent, provide quality training, and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria, SPAN is committed to creating an inclusive and vibrant arts community.