• Friday, April 19, 2024
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Patrons MCAA upcoming miniature art exhibition to boost industry growth

Patrons MCAA upcoming miniature art exhibition to boost industry growth

As the world continues to shift and embrace diverse cultural expressions, the Nigerian art industry seems to be struggling in comparison. However, Patrons MCAA, an art advisory and dealership company in Nigeria is taking action to turn the tide.

Their upcoming exhibition, ‘Small & Iconic’, looks to breathe new life into the industry with a focus on miniature art and a call for more investment in this often overlooked sector.

Keturah Ovio, a Director at Patrons MCAA, said the lack of investment in the Nigerian art industry has stunted its growth and made it insignificant in terms of contributing to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Ovio said Nigeria’s global peers are doing better in arts due to their higher level of investment and commitment to the industry and that countries with a large GDP enjoy flourishing arts markets which engage many young and creative people in the economy.

“In Singapore, so many investments had been made by both the government and the private sector toward their art industry which have seen the country’s arts’ contribution to the GDP grow to $1.3 billion between 1996 and 2015 according to the National Arts Council in the country,” Ovio said.

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She said that the Nigerian art industry is dynamic and has the potential to tap into the $65.1 billion global art market with its local art products being exported to different parts of the world, including London and Paris.

Ovio said that many young artists require funding and policy support to unleash their potential and talents, urging the government to intervene and make the industry more attractive.

The event scheduled for June 23rd at The Art Hotel Lagos in Victoria Island will host a lineup of artists including Anita Cudjoe (Ghana), Sotonye Jumbo (Nigeria), Adeola Balogun (Nigeria), and Collins Abinoro Akporode (Nigeria).

“It will be exciting and educational as visitors will learn the new trends in the local arts industry. They will also see West Africa’s arts from some of the best in the industry,” Ovio said.

The event is a series of miniature art exhibitions that promises to spark memorable and inspiring conversations in the arts industry through bite-sized artworks.