• Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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OkadaBooks for the weekend featuring Lilian Ezak’s Banking on Love

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Wondering how to spend the fast-paced weekend? A glass of juice and the following books on your OkadaBooks app makes a fabulous weekend treat. Don’t you think so?

A Carnage Before Dawn by Ayomide Akinbode

The head of state Aguiyi Ironsi has just been murdered, the prime minister and finance minister had been abducted with no information on their whereabouts. A coup had taken place, several small boys of the army had been arrested, and their act of rebellion submerged but this act of violence marked the end of the First Republic.The events of January 15,1966 marked a turning point in Nigeria’s history and will forever go down as one of the nation’s most defining moments. Start reading.

Banking On Love by Lilian Ezak

Love meets finance in this contemporary romance novel. Being a stickler for rules and order Temi Chikwelu finds herself working under a lackadaisical,lazy and somewhat incapable boss. With all his negative qualities, Bassey is quite attractive and even to someone with a non-existent love life and a beautiful accounting career, Temi does not fail to notice.

Bassey’s history of booze and extreme promiscuity makes him the least candidate for the position of CEO but when your father owns the company and is retiring, you must step up to sail the boat. In the process, Bassey discovers a deadly secret of embezzlement by some of his father’s staff. Unable to go to his father and the authorities, Bassey realizes that fitting into his father’s shoes might be a lot more difficult than he thought.

Left with no other choice, Bassey enlists the help of the saucy and bold accounting analyst on the first floor who initially brought the problem to his notice. Poring over account papers and brainstorming grand schemes, brings up several discoveries one of which is the budding feelings, Temi and Bassey both have. With their darkened and bleak history can they bank on love? Start reading.

My Little Girl by Seun Odukoya

Seun illustrates the real influence of a father beyond society’s standards. In this honest story of love and parenting, Seun presents a character who realizes that beyond monthly support checks and sperm release, parenting is every step of the way.Start reading.

Omonicrown by Omolade Ayisat

Omolade according to her father is ripe for marriage and therefore, a suitor search should begin.

Omolade introduces the first suitor whom her father thinks is too old. The second one’s career profile of her schoolteacher doesn’t seem too befitting for her father. Number 3 is from another tribe and heaven be lost if she is married to the opposite clan and the fourth’s physical appearance displeases Olawale her father.

Disgruntled and fed up, Omolade gets pregnant for Olaoluwa whom she met on a visit to a bar. All goes well until Olaoluwa turns out to be the son of her father’s rival. Start reading.