• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Nollywood to the world, ‘180 Nigeria’ set for production


Nigeria has consistently topped the charts through film making. Globally recognised as one of the largest and most prolific film industries in the world in terms of the number of films produced, Nollywood movies are known for uniqueness, relatable themes, popularity and massive spread.

Another landmark is in the works as the movie titled ‘180 Nigeria’ is set to commence recording. For Stellar International to throw their weight behind the production as early supporters and funders, it says a lot about their goals, which includes creating, cultivating and supporting Nigerian talents internationally, and providing them with bigger partnerships locally.

“180 Nigeria is a project we are really honoured to bring to Nigeria, as this is a storyline that appeals to a lot of our values and missions as an organisation. First of all, we want to thank Stellar International for being early supporters and funders for the 180 Nigeria movie” Diji Shujahi, CEO PinnacleMENA Media Nigeria stated at a recent press conference.

“We would also like to thank H.R.H Prince Adesegun Oniru who is supporting the movie in the capacity of Co-Executive producer.” Diji added.

The movie will be highlighting grassroot charities and talks about those people who selflessly serve and sacrifice to make the world a better place for others. At the same time, it is also a movie which highlights Nigeria to the world.

According to Diji, “We are travelling to 10 states in Nigeria, showcasing the various cultures, traditions, nature, and landscapes that Nigeria has to offer to the world.”

Radio personality, television host, vlogger, lifestyle entrepreneur, actress and author, playing lead, and for the first time a co-executive producer, specifically on the project, Toke Makinwa is enthusiastic about her role. “I was particularly drawn to this script because though it is a feel-good movie that showcases lifestyle, it carries a very strong message of humanity, giving back and truly caring about the people in need.” Toke stated.

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Enyinna Nwigwe, a foremost Nollywood actor and male lead character in the movie has said he is excited to come on board as cast on this movie project.

According to him, “Coming from moderating panel sessions at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival in France, conversations were centered around global collaborations, and that is exactly what this project represents. Looking forward to pushing Nollywood a few notches further onto the global stage with this one.”

Director of the movie, Bunmi Ajakaiye had this to say about the movie “The story of 180 drew me in from my first conversation with the producers. A complex character easy to dismiss from the outside, who breaks the norms of what we visually correlate with humanitarian endeavours, interests me a lot. 180 Nigeria will start production soon between Dubai and Nigeria.”

The Temple Management Company and Ogidi studios are part of 180 Nigeria. For them, it is a project which would showcase the creative side of Nigeria to the world.

Another major support for the film is Oxygen. Oxygen is a full-service entertainment company, with services including but not limited to talent management, sports, fashion, live events, film and television enterprise.

“Our partnership with PinnacleMENA is very much in line with Oxygen’s vision, to support local talent, and equip them with the right tools and opportunities for global success.” Princewill Utchay, Chairman, Oxygen Multimedia said.

“We aim to mentor and groom Nigerian talent to global standards, resulting in a world-acclaimed, marketably-appealing Nigerian product.” Stan Mukoro, Director, Oxygen Multimedia stated.

Viewers will be looking out for the quality of production, including aspects such as cinematography, set design, costumes, special effects, and overall attention to detail.

From acting to storyline, themes and messages, directing and film making style, soundtrack and score, up to anticipation and buzz, we shall be looking forward to the impact this will have on Nollywood and Nigeria as a whole. Fingers are crossed that ‘180 Nigeria’ is positioned to leave a lasting impression.