• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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No intention of coming home fully for now – Boss

No intention of coming home fully for now – Boss
Jesse Woghiren popularly known as Boss is a Nigerian artist who has honed his skill and doing so well in music in the United States of America.
And even as most Nigerian musicians are coming home to the base and establish fully in the country, Boss said it is not his intention to relocate fully at the moment.
“I have two homes now. Most of my family live in the U.S- we’ve lived most of our lives in the U.S than back home here in Nigeria. I am proudly Nigerian too. But coming back home in the way that’s right is what I have been doing. Spend some time here and some time there within a calendar year. After all, that’s how I can best effect viable change.
“We are the reason, why the Afrobeats scene is getting bigger out in the western world. It’s better for it and for all. Arguably, I am the first official Nigerian-American DJ, when I started DJ in the early 1990’s in the U.S there weren’t lots of our local vibes or songs being played at parties. But today, the situation is fast changing- and that’s beneficial to the whole industry and the Nigerian economy. We are sinking our business teeth into the formidable structure of the Western world to profit and benefit us globally.”
While most foreign-based artistes also claim it is not so easy to succeed abroad, Boss views are different.
“The industry market place right now is so grey. It depends what folks consider successful, I mean, there are artists in a local state scene such as Chicago, Detroit, and or even nations like Germany and French who are raking and swimming in millions of dollars but they are not brands or big names down here to you. It’s truly not difficult to succeed. It just depends on your strategy, then great songs or album. But until that first stab at success, you just have to keep the grind on to keep everything together and let that serves as a source of inspiration for you. Keep it professional/serious and always be ready so when the opportunity presents itself, you are ready to prove your talents beyond reasonable doubts.”
Talking about how he got into music, the artist said he has always loved music since childhood.
He said, “It’s a natural thing for me. I grew up attracted to music and all its trappings but still that wasn’t enough for me to decide to go into the industry. For everyone who knew me since I was a kid, music was always my thing. I used to dance and draw serious attention to myself. Then, I got into rapping and leading music group/bands. Most importantly, I know from a spiritual point of view that music was chosen for me by my creator. So, since, I became born again or understand the Holy Spirit, hit songwriting is as easy as ABC for me. That’s the first sure of an individual with natural calling endowments before I sit in my studio chair to produce/write a song, I mostly already know how the overall soul structure should go, from the bass lines/riffs and what the drumming should sound like. So, when I hear folks say they went into music for any other reason, I laugh.”
With his record label, Bigmanity Music aka Beyondspheres Records, Boss said his aim is to mentor and train young artists in Nigeria and abroad.
“We have artists who we are currently sponsoring and nurturing. From Gabby ZZ to Sukeez and a few more names that we shall be dropping in the near future, aside from being an artist, I use my knowledge and experience to try to help other people trying to get or already in the industry. A lot of artists believe because you are told you have a hit song that doors will just open for you, which is not correct. Aside from helping our artistes, Bigmanity also has a branch to help manage other artists, helping them with promotion and marketing as well as helping guide them to be as successful as possible.”