• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Multiple international artists rushed Rema’s Calm Down — Igbokwe

Multiple international artists rushed Rema’s Calm Down — Igbokwe

In a revealing discussion at the 2024 Nigerian Music Industry Conference, Akachi Igbokwe, A&R at Mavin Records, shed light on the marketing strategy behind Rema’s global smash hit ‘Calm Down.’

Responding to an audience question about the song’s impressive sales figures, Igbokwe disclosed that numerous international artists expressed interest in featuring on the remix before Selena Gomez ultimately joined the track.

“It wasn’t just about a remix,” Igbokwe explained. “Collaborating with Selena Gomez was like collaborating with Taylor Swift. With her Disney background and established fanbase in the US and Latin America, it was a strategic move.”

Igbokwe further emphasised Mavin Records’ marketing efforts. “We worked closely with our media partners to push every aspect of the campaign,” he said, highlighting the importance of a well-coordinated strategy in maximizing a song’s reach.

Rema’s “Calm Down,” featuring Selena Gomez, has become a global phenomenon. It solidified Rema’s position as a rising star in Afrobeats and showcased the genre’s growing influence on the international music scene.

Calm Down turned out to be one of the biggest songs from the African continent, breaking streaming and chart records and placing the Nigerian music industry further on the map.